How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor?

How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor

Ambient temperature sensors maintain comfortable cabin temperatures by providing accurate temperature readings. However, the sensor can malfunction due to getting clogged or damaged and cause a disengaged AC compressor clutch, malfunction in the HVAC system, and inaccurate gauge reading. Knowing how to reset ambient temperature sensor can help you restore its functionality quickly and save time and money in visiting … Continue Reading

Ultimate Guide To Understanding Your Car’s Warning Lights

The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Your Car's Warning Lights

Noticing a warning light during driving a vehicle can be scary especially if you don’t know the reason. While you can continue driving with a few warning lights, some lights ask you to stop the vehicle immediately. So it’s crucial to understand the car’s warning light to maintain the car’s condition and drive safely. The car’s dashboard shows various shapes … Continue Reading

Car AC Compressor Cycles On and Off Every 5 Seconds

Car AC Compressor Cycles On and Off Every 5 Seconds

The car’s AC compressor turns on and off after a certain interval to maintain a comfortable environment regardless of outside weather. But what if the car AC compressor cycles on and off every 5 seconds? Short cycling is a concerning issue as it can damage the compressor, make the travel irritating, and cost expensive repair. An AC compressor may turn … Continue Reading

Car AC Off Due To High Engine Temperature (Fixed)

Car AC Off Due to High Engine Temperature

Car engine overheated and AC turned off automatically, both are serious issues. Is your car display showing AC off due to high engine temperature massage? Your car can show this error message due to a damaged thermostat, faulty temperature sensor, bad AC compressor, or low coolant level. After having this warning message, cool down the engine first, visually inspect it … Continue Reading

How Many Brake Pads Come in A Box?

How Many Brake Pads Come In A Box

Brake pads are vital components of a car that need to be replaced after a certain interval to maintain the complete functionality of the brake system. But replacing brake pads isn’t the same as changing tires, rotors, or wheels as it comes in sets instead of individually. So if you don’t know how many brake pads come in a box, … Continue Reading

Can A Bad Wheel Bearing Affect Acceleration?

Can A Bad Wheel Bearing Affect Acceleration

Bad wheel bearing makes noise and affect vehicles acceleration. You might experience difficulty while driving and wondering can a bad wheel bearing affect acceleration. Yes, bad wheels affect acceleration, transmission, steering wheel, abs system and braking system. Bad wheel bearing shows some symptoms like unusual noise, uneven tire wear, steering wheel vibration, and activated warning lights. Since it is dangerous … Continue Reading

What is The Best Duramax Engine?

What is the Best Duramax Engine

Though the Duramax engine is a reliable name in terms of power, efficiency, and durability, not all models deliver satisfactory performance. So if you want to get the expected performance from the engine, you must know what is the best Duramax engine. Many automobile experts prefer LBZ 06-07 as the overall best Duramax engine. So, What is The Best Duramax … Continue Reading

How To Fix P2510 Code Duramax?

P2510 Code Duramax

P2510 is a OBD2 error code that can be stored in a vehicle with any high-end engine even if it is a Duramax. So, car owner who wants to enjoy the low-end torque, and improved trailering capabilities of the Duramax engine, should know what the P2510 code Duramax means. This error code may log in the vehicle’s dashboard due to … Continue Reading

How To Fix OBD2 P026D Duramax Code?

P026D Duramax Code

P026D Duramax code isn’t very common and much concerning for a vehicle with a Duramax engine. Major reasons of the error code are low fuel economy, poor engine performance, wet spark plug, and the exhaust can give off a fuel smell if left unsolved. To clear the OBD2 P026D error code, you may need to check and repair the fuel … Continue Reading