GM 10 Speed Transmission Problems Solutions

GM 10 Speed Transmission Problems

GM collaborated with Ford to develop 10-speed transmissions to provide improved acceleration at the low and mid-range of the power band of the modern engine. However, this upgraded version of transmission causes some issues like Ford’s transmissions that need attention. GM 10 speed transmission problems are harsh shifting, hesitation, shuddering and unreliable gear shifting. Though it requires expert help to … Continue Reading

Toyota CVT Transmission Problems (Fixed)

Toyota CVT Transmission Problems

Toyota has the most reliable Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which makes the brand the best choice for smooth acceleration and improved fuel economy. Still, many Toyota owner experiences some issue with their CVT gearbox that needs attention. Common Toyota CVT transmission problems are overheating, delayed motion, making whining and rattling noise, and loss of acceleration. The gearbox can also start … Continue Reading

How Long Do Chevy Cruze Last?

How Long Do Chevy Cruze Last

Buying a discontinued car like the chevy cruze is a tough task due to the concern about its longevity. So, knowing how long do chevy cruze last can help decide if it’s worth or not. On average Chevy Cruze last 175,000 to 250,000 miles which varies depending on the model year and the way the owner uses and cares. The … Continue Reading

VW EPC Light Car Shaking (Fixed)

VW EPC light car shaking

Volkswagen has sophisticated suspension systems and NVH technology to reduce vibration and make the ride safe and comfortable. Even after that, the VW car may start shaking badly during driving, accelerating, or when parked and the EPC light may come on at a time.  If you are experiencing the “VW EPC light car shaking” issue, there’s something wrong with the … Continue Reading

How To Fix Check Charging System Toyota Camry?

How to Check Charging System Toyota Camry

The charging system warning becomes active on the Toyota Camry’s dashboard if something wrong with the battery or alternator. You can shut off this warning light by checking and fixing the issue to avoid causing loss of power, a damaged battery, or getting trapped in the road. But, how to check charging system on Toyota Camry to turn off the … Continue Reading

Can Bad Alignment Cause Traction Control Light to Come On?

Can Bad Alignment Cause Traction Control Light to Come On

Noticing the traction control light during driving on a slippery road isn’t concerning as it indicates your car maintaining traction on a slippery road. But what if you notice a traction control light while driving a straight road and feel it is hard to turn the car? Can bad alignment cause traction control light to come on? Yes, bad alignment can … Continue Reading

Lexus CT200h Common Problems

Lexus CT200h Common Problems

Lexus CT200H is an upscale sporty hybrid hatchback that is perfect for daily driving. However, this model doesn’t live up to the promise and falls short of Lexus’s standard due to causing several issues. The Lexus CT200H common problems complained by owners are faulty transmission, clogged EGR valves, weird brake noise, and engine shaking when starting. Though any expert mechanic … Continue Reading

How To Fix Hill Start Assist Not Available?

How to fix Hill Start Assist not Available

Hill start assist system help start a car on very steep inclines, but can disappear due to software or internal issue. Though you can keep driving with hill start assist not available light, fixing the problem increase safety and prevent the car from rolling back on inclines. So, how to fix hill start assist not available problem? You can fix … Continue Reading