Check Engine Light Went Off After a Week

Check Engine Light Came On Then Went Off While Driving

A car’s check engine light illuminates whenever the computer detects any error codes or malfunction in the system. In minor cases, the computer resets the codes and deactivates the CEL while the major issue takes time and physical inspection. If your car’s check engine light went off after a week itself, possibly it took time to solve the temporary fault … Continue Reading

Check Engine Light Flashing When Accelerating

Check Engine Light Flashing When Accelerating

It’s quite concerning to see the check engine light flashing when accelerating as it can make it difficult to control the car’s speed. A car’s CEL can flash while accelerating due to a cylinder’s misfire, damaged exhaust system, bad throttle body sensor, and ignition problem. Since CEL’s flashing while accelerating is a serious issue, you shouldn’t continue driving the vehicle. … Continue Reading

Why is Pink Fluid Leaking from Car?

Pink Fluid Leaking From Car

Pink fluid usually uses in the car’s gearbox, power steering system, and cooling system. So if you notice pink fluid leaking from car, start the diagnosing process by checking those systems. Your car can leak pink fluid from those components due to plenty of reasons including ages, faulty parts, accidents, or overfilling. Pink fluid leaking is a serious concern and … Continue Reading

GM 10 Speed Transmission Problems Solutions

GM 10 Speed Transmission Problems

GM collaborated with Ford to develop 10-speed transmissions to provide improved acceleration at the low and mid-range of the power band of the modern engine. However, this upgraded version of transmission causes some issues like Ford’s transmissions that need attention. GM 10 speed transmission problems are harsh shifting, hesitation, shuddering and unreliable gear shifting. Though it requires expert help to … Continue Reading

Transmission Problems But No Check Engine Light

Transmission Problems but No Check Engine Light

Check engine light is an initial sign of various transmission issues which makes it easier to diagnose and fix. However, some transmission problems don’t trigger any warning light, making it difficult to deal with them. Hence, you should understand the issues that cause transmission problems but no engine light so you can handle them immediately instead of waiting for a … Continue Reading

Toyota CVT Transmission Problems (Fixed)

Toyota CVT Transmission Problems

Toyota has the most reliable Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which makes the brand the best choice for smooth acceleration and improved fuel economy. Still, many Toyota owner experiences some issue with their CVT gearbox that needs attention. Common Toyota CVT transmission problems are overheating, delayed motion, making whining and rattling noise, and loss of acceleration. The gearbox can also start … Continue Reading

Honda Civic Brake System Problem Message

Honda Civic Brake System Problem

The electronic parking brake (EPB) technology of the Honda Civic makes its brake system reliable for smooth and safe riding and parking. Still, many Honda Civic user experiences various problems with the brake system that turns on the warning light and prevent the car from staring. Honda Civic brake system problems can occur due to a stuck electronic parking brake, … Continue Reading