Honda Civic Brake System Problem Message

The electronic parking brake (EPB) technology of the Honda Civic makes its brake system reliable for smooth and safe riding and parking. Still, many Honda Civic user experiences various problems with the brake system that turns on the warning light and prevent the car from staring.

Honda Civic brake system problems can occur due to a stuck electronic parking brake, low charge battery, or loose connections. A faulty servo meter or alternator can also cause this issue that you can easily diagnose and solve at-home garage. But you may need to hire an expert mechanic to replace the blown fuse or repair the brake system to disappear this warning light. Let’s discuss briefly!

What is Honda Civic Brake System Problem Mean?

Noticing brake system problems in a Honda Civic isn’t uncommon. A stuck electronic parking brake can trigger this light and prevent your vehicle from starting. The battery or its terminal can also be the source of this error message. The parking brake button is placed on the center console of the Civic. You can check the button for any dirt or debris build-up that can cause the button’s malfunction and activate the warning light.

If the parking brake switch is working properly and you are still dealing with the brake system problem light, the car battery may have a low charge. To verify this flicks the headlights and high beams. If they deliver weaker light than normal, the battery might have a problem. Jump-start the battery to fix this problem.  

To do this, get another car and remove the ignition from both vehicles. Connect the positive jumper cable’s one end to your weak battery’s positive terminal and the other end to the assisting battery.  Do the same with the negative cable and terminal. Turn on the engines of both cars and allow them to run for three minutes.

Keeping the jump-started vehicle running, remove the cables, and close the hoods. Let the jump-started car’s engine run for half an hour so the battery can fully charge.

Causes and Solutions of Honda Civic Brake System Problem

The dirty parking brake button isn’t the only possible source of brake system problems in the Honda Civic. Below are some other potential reasons of causing this warning light:

1. Loose Connections

Since the parking brake of the Honda Civic isn’t mechanical, there might be an issue with this system. There can be a loose connection between the brake’s two wires or the fuse may blow out. The error light turning on and off frequently is a sign of a loose connection.

To inspect the vehicle for faulty connection, turn off the car and remove the battery terminals. Find out the fuse which is usually placed under the hood near the steering wheel. Remove the plastic cover and check the fuse if it’s fried or broken. If so, replace the fuse. If the wires become loose, secure them tightly.

2. Faulty Servo Motor

Honda Civic has a dedicated servo motor that helps turn on the parking brakes. If the motor doesn’t work properly or fails, the emergency brake won’t engage during pressing the button.

Faulty Servo Motor

To fix this problem, you have to inspect and repair the motor with a professional. Consult with a dealership service center. If it only requires software updates or adjustments to fix the problem, they won’t charge any fee.

3. Stuck Electric Parking Brake

The electric parking brake (EPB) helps keep the car stationary after parking it on an incline. If the EPB system is stuck in the engaged position, your Honda Civic will show the warning light and won’t start.

Stuck Electric Parking Brake

If so, press the release button placed on the center console to disengage the parking brake. If it doesn’t work, pull the release lever of the EPB placed close to the brake pedal to disconnect the system physically. The error message should disappear.

4. Faulty Alternator

The alternative is used to provide power to the electric system of a vehicle. If the alternator malfunctions, your Honda Civic may activate the brake system problem light. The sign of a faulty alternator is a blown fuse and low voltage in the battery.

Faulty Alternator

To solve this issue, replace the alternator. This’ll help run the electrical system’s power and allow the battery to charge properly as well as vanish the warning light.

Signs of Honda Civic Brake System Problem

An activated brake system problem light on the dashboard is an obvious sign of a problematic brake system. You may also hear a strange noise during applying or releasing the parking brake. If there is any issue with the calipers or brake pads, it can make a whistling or screeching noise during using the parking brake.

Signs of Honda Civic Brake System Problem

The brake may also appear to be sticking or holding onto the wheel if the brake system gets damaged. It can happen due to releasing or parking the brake for a long time. If so, you won’t be able to stop the car quickly, making it a serious concern. If you notice any of these signs, inspect the car by a licensed mechanic.

How to Reset the Electronic Parking Brake of a Honda Civic?

If your Honda Civic shows the brake system problem light due to a software issue or other simple problem, you can turn off the light by simply resetting the parking brake. To do this, turn off your Honda Civic and open the hood. Find out the negative terminal of the battery and disconnect it.

Reset the Electronic Parking Brake of a Honda Civic

Then reattach the terminal and start your car. The error message should vanish and the parking brake should work properly. This trick should work as it’ll force the engine module to make a complete scan and make sure everything is functioning properly.

You can also reset your Honda Civic using the EPB button. The procedure:

Switch the ignition to the on position and shift the gear in the park. Don’t press the brake pedal. Then pull and release the electric parking brake button to activate it. Hold the button until you hear any mechanical sound in your car engine. Once heard, release the EPB button.

Again, pull and hold the button for three seconds and release it after hearing two mechanical beeps. This approach should resolve all EPB difficulties along with the brake system problem and the warning light should shut off.

Honda Civic Brake System Fixing Cost

The cost of fixing the parking brake system of a Honda Civic varies depending on the sources of the problem, the auto repair shop, and your location. At repairpal, the cost of adjusting the parking brake system is around $42 to $53. But if you need to replace the battery to fix the brake system problem, an auto repair shop will cost around $100 to $150.

Below is a list of the replacement costs of various parts that cause brake system problem light on in the Honda Civic

Parts nameApproximate Cost
Blown fuse$96
Faulty servo motor$50
Damaged alternator$578 to $906


What to do when your Honda Civic shows a brake system problem?

After noticing this warning light on your Honda Civic dashboard, turn off the engine first. You can’t drive with a faulty brake system. Then transport your vehicle to a licensed auto repair shop or to your home garage to diagnose and solve the problem.

Why does the brake system light turn on in Honda Civic?

Your Honda Civic may activate the brake system light when the brake fluid is low. An antilock brake system can also cause this error message.

Can you drive with the brake pad warning light on?

You can drive with a brake pad warning light on for a short time. This warning light is programmed to turn on when some brake pad material is still left. Instead of keep driving with this error message, bring it to a professional.

Final Words

The Honda Civic brake system problem is a serious concern, so you can’t overlook it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to start the car, drive on hills or the car can move when parked.

Since you have understood the common reasons for this warning light and learned the fixing and resetting process, hope you can solve the issue at your home garage. If you can’t, hire an expert or bring the car to the nearest auto repair shop instead of neglecting it. 

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