VW EPC Light Car Shaking (Fixed)

Volkswagen has sophisticated suspension systems and NVH technology to reduce vibration and make the ride safe and comfortable. Even after that, the VW car may start shaking badly during driving, accelerating, or when parked and the EPC light may come on at a time.  If you are experiencing the “VW EPC light car shaking” issue, there’s something wrong with the vehicle’s engine or cylinder misfire.

A Volkswagon car’s EPC light may turn on and the car may start shaking due to a damaged coil pack, bad spark plug, faulty drive shaft, or unbalanced tire. Let’s gets detail!

What is the EPC Light on VW?

The EPC (Electric Power Control) warning light on Volkswagen usually indicates an issue with its throttle system. So the EPC light may come on if there is any issue with the throttle body, cruise control, or traction control. This warning light may indicate other issues with Volkswagen cars that can make driving risky.

That’s why you can’t ignore the EPC light. The engine control unit, steering control unit, and brake control unit controls the EPC system. If one of these systems malfunctions, the performance of the car can drop radically. Therefore the EPC light can activate to aware you of the issue so you can fix it before causing severe damage.

You may notice other VW warning lights along with EPC lights as it integrated with various systems on the vehicle. Hence, it’s a bit difficult to diagnose the problem with the Volswagon’s EPC light.

Reasons and Solutions for VW EPC Light Car Shaking

The EPC light may activate with other lights and signs that determine its diagnosing process and solution. For example, if the EPC light comes on with a traction control light or ABS light, the engine is driving into limp mode.

But if you notice the EPC light and check engine light at a time on VW, the power train is at risk and needs to be diagnosed.

If your VW’s engine shakes and runs roughly, the engine is misfiring or may cause a fuel delivery issue. Several components may also get damaged and cause your VW car shakes. Let’s check the most potential issues:

Damaged Coil Pack

If you notice an EPC light on your VW and experience shaking during acceleration, possibly the coil packs get damaged. It’s particularly true if you feel the loss of power during driving.  However, VW EPC light and loss of power aren’t serious concerns at all. If you experience this problem during driving, you can keep driving and reach the home or repair shop easily.

Replacing the coil pack should solve the problem. Though it can remove the EPC light and prevent the car from shaking, you can experience a check engine light and new code on the display that needs to be cleared.

Faulty Spark Plugs or Ignition Coils

The spark plug and ignition coils are connected and can cause the EPC light to activate on VW if one of these gets damaged. The symptom involves limp mode, inability to start the engine, and other unusual sign.

Faulty Spark Plugs or Ignition Coils

You can’t diagnose the spark plug unless you remove it which requires expert help. But, you can check the ignition coil with the OBD2 scanner tool and solve the issue.

Faulty Brake Pads

If your Vw car shakes with the EPC light on while driving, there might be a problem with the brake pads. The rear brake pads can cause roughness due to plenty of factors including insufficient lubrication and unclean brake rotors. The aged brake pad may also wear out because of regular use and cause the brake pedal to squeak.

If you notice the shaking gets worse during driving at full speed, the brake caliper can be responsible. If so, you should smell burning after stopping the car. To fix this issue, repair or replace the brake pad.

Unbalanced Tires

Uneven tires aren’t directly related to the VW EPC light car shaking problem. Like the previous reason, it can be responsible if you experience shaking during driving faster.

The sign of unbalanced tires is rough air pressure that can cause your VW to shake and show the EPC light on display. To solve this problem, replace your tires particularly if these get weakened.

Faulty Engine Mount

Faulty Engine Mount

Engine mount helps reduce the shaking and torque movement. If the engine mount gets damaged, the engine can start moving too quickly during driving and activate the EPC light. To solve this problem, you have to repair or replace the faulty engine mount.

Damaged Balance Driveshaft

The driveshaft transmits power from the car’s engine to the wheels. It can get imbalanced or broken and can cause your VW to shake violently. At a time the EPC light may turn on.

If you notice the shake becomes worse during acceleration, the faulty driver shaft can be responsible. If so, repair or replace the damaged driver shaft as soon as possible with the aid of an expert mechanic.

Vacuum Leak

A vacuum leak is directly related to engine misfiring. A leaked cylinder won’t be able to transfer fuel to the engine. So the car can become idle. If it remains untreated, extra air can enter the cylinder and cause an unbalanced air pressure level.

The symptom includes experiencing shaking in the gas pedal or steering wheel during the idling of the car. It can also make the internal overheat and end up damaging the engine. You can easily avoid these consequences by sealing the leak area.

Can you Drive VW with EPC Light on?

You can drive your VW car with EPC light for a short time even if it’s shaking. Reach the nearest VW repair center like Volkswagen of Des Moines before the car stop running.

The EPC light of the VW car more often activates limp mode which limits the function of the engine control. This is one of the main reasons you should handle the car to an expert even after knowing how to fix the EPC light issue.

Some latest VW models come with ESP (Electronic Stability Program) that is directly linked to EPC. If your car experiences an issue with the EPC system, the ESP can automatically turn the vehicle and prevent you from driving.

Most of the VW owners are unfamiliar with this latest technology. Hence its recommended to take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic to fix the problem successfully.  

What to Do When Your Volkswagon Car’s EPC Light is on?

After noticing the EPC light on your VW and experiencing shaking, you can do some work to help the mechanic fix the car quickly. Below are the ways to respond:

Minimize Car Use

If your Vw car shaking with the EPC light on while driving, stop running the car. This way you can prevent the problem from turning into worse.

Diagnose the Car

Diagnose the “vw epc light car shaking” problem in three simple steps: using a scanner tool, physically checking, and cleaning dirt. Let’s explain:

Using OBD Scanner

Use OBD Scanner

If you have a scanner tool, plug it into your VW and run. You’ll see the result as an error code in the control unit and on the scanner. Then you can fix the problem by following the error code or note them to help the mechanic.

Physical Check

If your VW shows EPC light and shaking due to exterior damage, a scanner device might not help you. you have to check the car physically. So inspect the rear light and brake light. Insufficient lubrication can also activate the EPC light on your Volkswagen.

You can solve the simple problem that causes your VW car to shake with the EPC light on. For more complicated issues, you have to call for a qualified mechanic.

Check the Throttle Body

Check the Throttle Body

Another thing you can do is inspect your VW’s throttle body for carbon buildup and debris. Clean the connections properly and remove any dirt or debris within your VW’s system.

Schedule Auto Service

If neither of those simple steps helps you to deactivate the EPC light and stop the car from shaking, take the help of a professional. Though it’ll cost you some money, but will keep you safe behind the wheel and prevent the problem from getting worse. Ultimately, it’s a smart decision to let an expert handle the complicated car issue.

Don’t Reset the EPC Light Manually

Though you can reset the VW’s EPC light on the dashboard manually, you shouldn’t do this. The reason is that it won’t fix the underlying problem and car shaking.

You’ll still be at risk and causing serious accidents while driving. Instead, take your car to the professional service center for diagnosing and repairing the problem no matter how serious it is.

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Cost of Solving VW EPC Light Car Shaking

It depends on plenty of things including the type of issue your Volswagon has, the repair shot, and whether it requires repair or replacement. Below is a list of potential causes of vw car shaking problem with the EPC light on along with approximate  repair costs:

Name of the PartApproximate Repair Cost
Golf Ignition Coil$139 to $176
Faulty spark plug$100 to $500
Brake pads$150 to $300
Unbalanced tires$152 to $191
Faulty Engine Mount$200 to $450
Damaged Balance Driveshaft$500 to $1000
Vacuum leak$150 to $1,000
Fuel Injector$35 and $220
EPC warning light$124 to $214


Why is my VW EPC light on and the car shaking while parked?

The engine misfire can be responsible for this issue. Other potential causes include faulty spark plugs, ignition coils, throttle bodies, or a malfunction in the engine control module.

Why is the EPC light on my VW up and the car won’t start?

It can happen due to a faulty throttle system. Possibly the cruise control, accelerator pedal or traction control gets damage that causes your VW’s EPC light to flash on and off. The car’s sensor may also be responsible.

Why does my Vw’s EPC light come on when I accelerate hard?

The throttle system is directly connected to accelerating and it also controls the engine’s power. So if your car’s EPC light comes on after accelerating hard, the first thing you should check is the throttle system. It’s a complex system of a vehicle that you should treat by an expert mechanic.

Final Words

Now you should know, why you are facing the “VW EPC light car shaking” issue. Though most of those reasons require a professional’s diagnosis, you can try to stop and restart the car to see if the problem goes automatically.

But when it comes to the risk of damaging a luxury car and getting seriously hurt, you shouldn’t overlook this concerning problem. Reach the nearest repair shop as soon as possible.

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