Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care (Solution)

Is your car showing steering assist is reduced drive with care massage on the dashboard? Wondering how to reset steering assist is reduced drive with care?

This error code usually indicates that the car’s power steering assist is temporarily disabled due to a software or hardware issue. While the software issue can be reset within minutes, mechanical faults may require hours for repairing or replacing the defective parts. Keep reading to discover the steering assist resetting processes along with some possible mechanical issues and solutions to fix the problem.

What is the Steering Assist System?

Steering assist is one of the advanced safety features in today’s vehicles. It works with the power steering system and uses an electric motor or hydraulic pressure to help turn the vehicle more efficiently. It also provides extra support to turn the wheel with minimal effort.

The steering assist remains connected to the ECM( Engine Control Module). The ECM monitors various signals that come from brakes, suspension systems, and engine speed sensors. Depending on the signal, the ECU measures the right amount of torque that should apply to the motor to make the turning more efficient for the driver. Steering is a temporary solution for smooth wheel steering.

The ECU also monitors the coolant temperature. If the coolant temperature drops down, the engine can also become cool and the fluid in the steering wheel gets thickened, resulting in the possibility of various errors. In this case, the steering assist is reduced drive with care massage may be seen in the display to make you aware of the current situation of the car’s steering system.

However, the steering assist isn’t fully independent and requires input to kick in. so you can turn this system off if desired.

What Does Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care Mean?

Noticing “Steering Assist Is Reduced Drive With Care” on the vehicle’s display indicates there might be a problem with the power steering system. In this case, you won’t be able to apply steering assist if required.

Steering Assist is Reduced Meaning

Therefore the vehicle’s warning light suggests you drive carefully. Remember, if you drive the vehicle with this warning message, you won’t get any additional support to maintain the proper amount of torque on the power steering wheel. It can be a bit concerning for the driver with a lack of confidence.

How to Reset Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care?

Sometimes vehicle’s display shows steering assist is reduced drive with care message due to a software issue. So resetting the steering assist can help you fix the error and disappear the massage. However, if it doesn’t work, you may need to find out the car’s physical problem and solve it accordingly.

Here are some simple methods to rest the “steering assist is reduced drive with care” error code:

1. Restart the Vehicle

If you want to reset the steering assist of your vehicle most easily, simply restart it a couple of times. So turn off and on the ignition switch two to three times to reset the car’s electrical components and the error code.  If this trick doesn’t work, apply the next one.

2. Disconnect the Battery

Remove the battery’s positive and negative terminals and leave it for about 30 seconds. Then reconnect the battery, turn the engine, and check the display. The massage should disappear from the display.

3. Reset the Steering Wheel

In most cases, the steering assist should reset automatically to fix any error code. But if it doesn’t, you can reset the steering wheel manually.  To do this, move the wheel to the left end and then take it to the right end. Then place the wheel in the center.

Apart from disappearing the error message, this trick can also help you restore the functionality of the steering assist.

4. Use Scanner Tool

You can also use a scanner tool to erase the culprit code and disappear the error message from the vehicle’s display.

Use Scanner Tool

To do this, connect your car to a code reader and turn the car on. Then go to the car diagnostic setting and select the type of your vehicle. After that, follow the guidelines. Once done, go to erase code function and erase it. The massage should disappear from the display. If the message still stays, there might be a part that gets damaged in your vehicle.

Reasons and Solutions of Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care

Your car’s display may show a “Steering Assist Is Reduced, Drive with Care” message because of plenty of hardware reasons. For example, low battery voltage or fluid level, error in trouble code, thermostat problem, or damaged components. Below are the most potential reasons and simple solutions for this warning message:

Low Battery Voltage

Your car’s steering assist may malfunction due to the interrupted electric supply. This advanced system usually gets a power supply through the battery. If the battery gets disconnected or starts dying, the steering system may malfunction.

You can also notice the same message on your vehicle’s display due to loose or corroded wire or connection or the battery’s low voltage.

Solution: Check the condition of the car battery using a tester or measure the voltage using a multimeter. At a time, remove the rust on the terminal of the battery. If you find any issue with the battery, replace it to restore the function of the steering assist.

Low Power Steering Fluid Level

The steering fluid reservoir is placed under the car’s hood. There should have enough fluid to run your vehicle smoothly. If the car’s fluid level drops below, it can cause an error or disable the steering assist system.

Low Power Steering Fluid Level

Solution: Check the steering fluid level of the reservoir. Top the reservoir with the right type and amount of fluid according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, check for any leakage in the fluid hose that may drain out the fluid too early.

Stored Trouble Code

Check the steering assist control module for stored trouble code that can cause “Steering Assist is Reduced Drive With Care” massage. The trouble code can be stored in the control module due to electrical failure or the battery’s dropped voltage.

Solution: You have to clear the trouble code in the control module to resolve the electrical or low voltage issue. To do this, set the code in a computer and use a code scanner to read the DTCs and find out the issue.  If you find plenty of trouble codes, reset the codes instead of trying to fix them. Drive the vehicle for a while until the warning massage come out again.

In most cases, restoring the trouble codes and changing the battery should solve the warning message issue.

Jammed Open Thermostat

If you notice the warning message and p0128 code at a time, the cooling system is malfunctioning.  The engine thermostat regulates the coolant flow through the engine and radiator. It also helps keep the engine’s temperature within normal parameters.

If the car’s thermostat gets jammed open, the fluid will start to rush through without checking. As a result, the engine may become too cool and the steering assist will malfunction. Therefore the error code and warning light come out.

To find out if your thermostat is open, turn the vehicle’s engine and let it idle for a few minutes. Then check the temperature of the radiator pipe. If the hose is cool, your thermostat is open. If the thermostat is in good condition, check the cooling fan of the engine.

Jammed Open Thermostat

Solution: If the thermostat is stuck open, repair or replace it with the aid of a professional mechanic.

Broken Sensor

When it’s come to engine temperature, the sensor is also a worthwhile component to check. A broken sensor prevents the ECM from reading the proper data and causes the steering assist malfunction.

If you aren’t sure if the ECM is responsible, apply this test:

Firstly, connect the control module to your OBD scanner and start the test. The result will show you the condition of the ECM. If the module is broken, replace it. Otherwise, if the ECM is in good shape, check for other components like the thermostat.

Solution: Once you have discovered the broken component, replace it as soon as possible. However, replacing the temperature sensor can be difficult for novice DIYers.

Defective Steering Assist Module

The power steering module of a car reads data and controls the steering assist job. If the sensor or module gets defective, it can cause an error code on the display.

Solution: Replace the defective module to solve the issue. Sometimes, you can update the module to restore its functionality. And avoid dumping the clutch.

Defective Power Steering Parts

The power steering system consists of various components including a hose, pump, control valve, rack, and pinion. The failure of any of these components can cause an error code on your vehicle’s display.  Below are the possible issues with these parts along with solutions:

Steering Hose: it connects the steering gear to the pump and can get a leak. If so, replace the leaky hose and flush the exits fluid and refill to ensure smooth running.

Pump: a damaged pump can’t produce essential pressure and require the steering system for proper working. If the pump fails to work, it’s better to replace it.

Control Valve: power steering can also fail due to the faulty control valve. If the faulty control valve gets damaged, replace it.

Rack and Pinion: these components convert the rotational movement of the steering wheel into a linear movement to help turn the wheel. If these components get damaged, hire a skilled technician to fix the issue.

Note: If you can’t diagnose the underlying issue and neither of those reasons is responsible, take your vehicle to the nearest automobile repair shop. Professional repair shops have plenty of advanced devices to find out the real issue.

Even some steps we mentioned above like dealing with ECM require higher skill. So it’s better to consult with an expert mechanic even if it cost hundreds of dollars.

How much does it Cost to Fix Steering Assist is Reduced?

The cost of solving a steering assist problem varies depending on the particular issue. For example, if the car shows an error message due to a software issue and you fix it by restarting the vehicle, you won’t cost charged.

But if you need to replace the battery to fix the error code, it will cost around $75 to $350. Remember, the auto parts store won’t cost any extra labor cost for this job if you buy batteries from there.

But if it’s needed to troubleshoot the steering assist issue and fix it by spending hours, they’ll cost extra money for labor. For instance, the auto part store can cost you around $150 to $350 for replacing a coolant temperature sensor or thermostat where most cost is for labor. Below is a table of various mechanical issues along the price to fix:

SLError MassageCost for Fixing
1Engine cooling fan$100
2Temperature gauge device$150
4Engine Control Module$1000

Diagnosing and fixing the steering system can take several hours and it’s a complicated process. So it’s better to leave the job to an expert even if it costs hundreds of dollars to ensure a successful operation for safe driving.


Can you turn off the steering assist?

Yes, you can turn off the steering assist in most vehicles and the process varies from model to model. The common method is that press the steering wheel’s recognisable LDA button and navigates the LDA menu. In this menu, you’ll find the steering assist on and off option.

Can you drive with steering assist is reduced drive with care GMC?

If the steering assist is reduced drive with care comes out in your GMC, Chevy blazer, or other vehicle, you’ll suffer during turning the steering wheel. In this case, you must stop driving the car immediately and focus on fixing the problem.

How long does it take to reset the steering assist is reduced drive with care XT5?

It depends on the type of issue you are trying to fix and the method you apply. For example, fixing software issues by restarting the vehicle takes only five minutes. On the other hand, fixing an open thermostat issue by repairing or replacing the thermostat can take up to a few hours.

Final Words

Steering assist is a blessing for the driver as it boosts safety on the highway. However, like other components of the vehicle, steering assist can malfunction over time. After knowing how to reset the steering assist is reduced drive with care, this error code shouldn’t be concerning for you. Lastly, don’t dare to keep driving with this warning sign for the sake of your safety. 

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