Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care (Solution)

Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care

Is your car showing steering assist is reduced drive with care massage on the dashboard? Searching how to reset steering assist is reduced drive with care? This warning message indicates that your car’s power steering assist is temporarily disabled due to a software or hardware issue. While the software issue can be reset within minutes, mechanical faults may require hours … Continue Reading

What Happens If You Disconnect Throttle Position Sensor?

What happens if you Disconnect Throttle Position Sensor

Many car owners believe that disconnecting the throttle position sensor helps a car to accelerate better. However, what happens if you disconnect throttle position sensor? If you unplug throttle position sensor then you car engine control module (ECM) won’t able to get proper data signal. Without throttle position sensor, the ECM won’t be able to understand whether to activate acceleration … Continue Reading

How To Reset Service StabiliTrak Light?

How to Reset Service StabiliTrak Light

StabiliTrak system of a car is a standard feature of most modern vehicles including GMC and Chevy that ensure better control of the vehicle in various terrains. However, it can trigger the service stabilitrak light due to software issues or during driving at high speed which you can be turned off by resetting. How to reset service StabiliTrak light? Turn … Continue Reading

5 Types of Car Headlights

Car Headlights

Suppose that it is already dark and you are driving about and the twilight is starting. The last thing, which surprisingly becomes fastest, is what we usually do unconsciously as a normal driver, such as pressing the gas or brake pedal. Car Headlights are a crucial feature that must always be in good condition. However, how many times do you … Continue Reading

Cooling Performance of The Hybrid Battery is Low

Cooling Performance of The Hybrid Battery is Low

Hybrid car batteries are popular among eco-conscious drivers due to their lower emissions, but they aren’t immune to problems. You may experience cooling performance of the hybrid battery is low warning message on your car dashboard if there is wrong with the cooling system or hybrid battery. Your car can show this error message due to a clogged cooling fan, … Continue Reading

Problems After AFM Delete (Fixed)

Problems After AFM Delete

Are you planning to disable or delete active fuel management (AFM) but worried about the post-delete effect? It’s smart thinking. Many GM, Chevy or other car owners who have V6 and V8 engines experience various problems after deleting AFM. So, it’s wise to decide by measuring pre and post-effect. The common problems after AFM delete occurs are the engine’s rough … Continue Reading

Car Jerks When Accelerating At Low Speeds

Car Jerks When Accelerating At Low Speeds

Your car jerking as you fill up the speed may be enough to make your temper-flare and leave you anxious. No matter whether you’re meandering around your town or you are engaged in highway merging, a smooth ride is essential for both comfort and thrash-proof attributes. Besides causing discomfort, car jerks when accelerating at low speeds may also be an … Continue Reading

Drive System Malfunction Warning Message On An Audi

Drive System Malfunction Warning Message On An Audi

The Drive System Malfunction warning message on Audi dashboard is an alert that indicates it has problems in the engine, transmission or driving system. This warning message might concern many vehicle elements such as engine, transmission, or even many detailed systems. Here’s an informative guide on understanding and addressing this warning:  What Does Drive System Malfunction Mean? Drive System Malfunction … Continue Reading

Cadillac XT5 Years To Avoid

Cadillac XT5 Years To Avoid

The Cadillac XT5 has over the years symbolized the meaning of luxury and stylishness. It is no doubt that elevation speaks volumes for the brand’s devotion towards the crossover SUVs market. But which Cadillac XT5 Years to Avoid and not a uniform one. There is variety as well. In this guide, we’ll look into Cadillac XT5 and distinguish the years … Continue Reading