What Happens if you Disconnect Throttle Position Sensor?

What happens if you Disconnect Throttle Position Sensor

Many people believe that disconnecting the throttle position sensor helps a car to run better. They think so as the TPS forces the ECU to depend on other sensors to determine engine load and affect the car’s performance. But unplugging the TPS won’t allow the ECU to optimize the spark and air-fuel and bring lots of consequences. So, what happens … Continue Reading

How to Correct CV Axle Angle?

How to Correct CV Axle Angle

You must maintain the vehicle’s proper CV axle angle to ensure smooth side-to-side moving of the CV joint when turning the wheel. So, whether you are an off-road driver or often drive the vehicle in rough conditions, you should know how to correct CV axle angle. You can adjust the CV axle joint simply by dropping or lifting the torsion … Continue Reading

Car Sounds like a Lawn Mower (Solutions)

Car Sounds like a Lawn Mower

It’s quite irritating to drive a car that sounds like lawn mower particularly as you can’t wear air protection headphones. Hearing loud noises can make the driver and passenger panic as well. So if you want to discover the underlying source of loud noise and reduce this embarrassing sound, read on. I have listed the most potential reasons that car … Continue Reading

Car Shaking after Oil Change (6 Reasons and Solutions)

Car Shaking after Oil Change

Car engine oil changing may seems a three steps straightforward process. But a little mistake can cause severe damage to the engine and experiencing shaking can be the announcement. You are worried and finding reasons and solutions of car shaking after oil change. I discussed the most potential reasons for car shaking after oil change along with simple solutions. We’ll … Continue Reading

Do Diesel Engines Have Catalytic Converters?

Do Diesel Engines Have Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters, known for their crucial role in reducing harmful exhaust emissions in petrol engines, are often the center of discussion. But do diesel engines have catalytic converters? Yes, today’s diesel engine comes with catalytic converters. Even catalytic converters become a must-need for the vehicle. You can’t drive a car in the USA that doesn’t have these precious components. Otherwise … Continue Reading

GM 10 Speed Transmission Problems Solutions

GM 10 Speed Transmission Problems

GM collaborated with Ford to develop 10-speed transmissions to provide improved acceleration at the low and mid-range of the power band of the modern engine. However, this upgraded version of transmission causes some issues like Ford’s transmissions that need attention. GM 10 speed transmission problems are harsh shifting, hesitation, shuddering and unreliable gear shifting. Though it requires expert help to … Continue Reading

Toyota CVT Transmission Problems (Fixed)

Toyota CVT Transmission Problems

Toyota has the most reliable Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which makes the brand the best choice for smooth acceleration and improved fuel economy. Still, many Toyota owner experiences some issue with their CVT gearbox that needs attention. Common Toyota CVT transmission problems are overheating, delayed motion, making whining and rattling noise, and loss of acceleration. The gearbox can also start … Continue Reading

What does Dumping the Clutch Mean?

what is dumping the clutch

Dumping the clutch is a common word among manual transmission car owners and in car racing, particularly drag racing. As an automatic transmission car owner, you may be wondering what does dumping the clutch mean? Dumping the clutch is an advanced technique that the driver applies to achieve the fastest possible acceleration from a standing start. However, it can cause … Continue Reading