Serpentine Belt vs Timing Belt Difference

Serpentine Belt vs Timing Belt

What is the difference between serpentine belt vs timing belt? It’s significant, particularly for the car owner who often handles car’s routine maintenance. The main difference between these belts is serpentine belts don’t have teeth and connect the alternator and A/C compressor to the engine and are placed outside the engine.  The timing belt maintains accurate ratios between the camshafts … Continue Reading

Car Shaking after Oil Change (6 Reasons and Solutions)

Car Shaking after Oil Change

Car engine oil changing may seems a three steps straightforward process. But a little mistake can cause severe damage to the engine and experiencing shaking can be the announcement. You are worried and finding reasons and solutions of car shaking after oil change. I discussed the most potential reasons for car shaking after oil change along with simple solutions. We’ll … Continue Reading

Do Diesel Engines Have Catalytic Converters?

Do Diesel Engines Have Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters, known for their crucial role in reducing harmful exhaust emissions in petrol engines, are often the center of discussion. But do diesel engines have catalytic converters? Yes, today’s diesel engine comes with catalytic converters. Even catalytic converters become a must-need for the vehicle. You can’t drive a car in the USA that doesn’t have these precious components. Otherwise … Continue Reading

Can A Weak Alternator Cause Poor Engine Performance

Can A Weak Alternator Cause Poor Engine Performance

The alternator is an integral part of a vehicle that controls the performance of its battery, electric devices, and the engine’s components. If an alternator becomes weak or damaged, your car will experience several issues like engine shaking, rough idle, and dead battery. However, can a weak alternator cause poor engine performance? Yes, a weak battery disturbs the consistent current … Continue Reading

Cooling Performance of The Hybrid Battery is Low

Cooling Performance of The Hybrid Battery is Low

Hybrid car batteries are popular among eco-conscious drivers due to their lower emissions, but they aren’t immune to problems. So you may notice the cooling performance of the hybrid battery is low if something is wrong with the cooling system. Your car can show this error message due to a clogged cooling fan, jammed radiator, blocked bearing or faulty battery. … Continue Reading

Squeaking Noise while Driving But not Brakes Applied

Squeaking Noise While Driving But Not Brakes Applied

A car can make unpleasant noise when you apply brake. Sometimes your car can make squeaking noise while driving but not brakes applied. You can hear a squeaking sound while driving due to plenty of reasons including damaged brake pads, bent splash plates, jammed drum brakes, or faulty brakes. This irritating noise can be produced from the front wheel or … Continue Reading