What Happens if you Disconnect Throttle Position Sensor?

What happens if you Disconnect Throttle Position Sensor

Many people believe that disconnecting the throttle position sensor helps a car to run better. They think so as the TPS forces the ECU to depend on other sensors to determine engine load and affect the car’s performance. But unplugging the TPS won’t allow the ECU to optimize the spark and air-fuel and bring lots of consequences. So, what happens … Continue Reading

Car Sounds like a Lawn Mower (Solutions)

Car Sounds like a Lawn Mower

It’s quite irritating to drive a car that sounds like lawn mower particularly as you can’t wear air protection headphones. Hearing loud noises can make the driver and passenger panic as well. So if you want to discover the underlying source of loud noise and reduce this embarrassing sound, read on. I have listed the most potential reasons that car … Continue Reading

VW EPC Light Car Shaking (Fixed)

VW EPC light car shaking

Volkswagen has sophisticated suspension systems and NVH technology to reduce vibration and make the ride safe and comfortable. Even after that, the VW car may start shaking badly during driving, accelerating, or when parked and the EPC light may come on at a time.  If you are experiencing the “VW EPC light car shaking” issue, there’s something wrong with the … Continue Reading

Temporary Fix For Bad O2 Sensor

Temporary Fix For Bad O2 Sensor

Do your car’s O2 sensor malfunctioning but don’t have enough time to visit an auto repair shop? Looking for a temporary fix for bad O2 sensor to disappear the check engine light? Replacing the faulty O2 sensor with a dummy O2 sensor can be your temporary solution. This’ll deactivate the warning light and provide you some valuable time to visit … Continue Reading

Can Bad Alignment Cause Traction Control Light to Come On?

Can Bad Alignment Cause Traction Control Light to Come On

Noticing the traction control light during driving on a slippery road isn’t concerning as it indicates your car maintaining traction on a slippery road. But what if you notice a traction control light while driving a straight road and feel it is hard to turn the car? Can bad alignment cause traction control light to come on? Yes, bad alignment can … Continue Reading

Cheapest Way to Fix Catalytic Converter

Cheapest Way to Fix Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is a valuable yet essential component to pass emission tests but takes thousands to replace if gets damaged. However, there are some cheapest way to fix catalytic converters that you can apply to avoid breaking the bank. You can clean the converter, add some “SJ”-type of motor oil, and fix holes or leaks to restore functionality of … Continue Reading

Squeaking Noise while Driving But not Brakes Applied

Squeaking Noise While Driving But Not Brakes Applied

A car can make unpleasant noise when you apply brake. Sometimes your car can make squeaking noise while driving but not brakes applied. You can hear a squeaking sound while driving due to plenty of reasons including damaged brake pads, bent splash plates, jammed drum brakes, or faulty brakes. This irritating noise can be produced from the front wheel or … Continue Reading