How to Correct CV Axle Angle?

How to Correct CV Axle Angle

You must maintain the vehicle’s proper CV axle angle to ensure smooth side-to-side moving of the CV joint when turning the wheel. So, whether you are an off-road driver or often drive the vehicle in rough conditions, you should know how to correct CV axle angle. You can adjust the CV axle joint simply by dropping or lifting the torsion … Continue Reading

How to Make L5P Louder without Deleting?

How to Make l5p Louder without Deleting

Wondering how to make L5P louder without deleting the DPF system so you can avoid a costly fine and retains the engine’s longevity? You are on the right track. You can make the L5P louder by installing a cold air intake, upgrading its exhaust system, replacing the turbocharger, or installing a resonator delete pipe. These modifications will significantly increase your … Continue Reading

How Long Do Chevy Cruze Last?

How Long Do Chevy Cruze Last

Buying a discontinued car like the chevy cruze is a tough task due to the concern about its longevity. So, knowing how long do chevy cruze last can help decide if it’s worth or not. On average Chevy Cruze last 175,000 to 250,000 miles which varies depending on the model year and the way the owner uses and cares. The … Continue Reading

How to Reset Service StabiliTrak Light?

How to Reset Service StabiliTrak Light

The StabiliTrak system is a standard feature of most modern vehicles including GMC and Chevy that ensure better control of the vehicle in various terrains. However, it can trigger the service stabilitrak light due to software issues or during driving at high speed which you can be turned off by resetting. So, how to reset service StabiliTrak light? Turn off … Continue Reading

What Year Silverado Wheels are Interchangeable

What Year Silverado Wheels are Interchangeable

Looking for a cost-efficient and mostly available replacement for your damaged Silverado wheels, but concerned about the compatibility? Want to know what year Silverado wheels are interchangeable so you can ensure accurate fit and enjoy optimum performance and aesthetics? The interchangeability of Silverado wheels depends on bolt pattern, rim size, and tire. So you can interchange your Silverado wheel with … Continue Reading

How to Fix Check Charging System Toyota Camry

How to Check Charging System Toyota Camry

The charging system warning becomes active on the Toyota Camry’s dashboard if something wrong with the battery or alternator. You can shut off this warning light by checking and fixing the issue to avoid causing loss of power, a damaged battery, or getting trapped in the road. But, how to check charging system on Toyota Camry to turn off the … Continue Reading

What Does SVC Mean in a Car?

What Does SVC Mean in a Car

You may have noticed the SVC function in your car’s audio setting and wondering what does SVC mean in a car. But have you ever wondered how you can enjoy the best sound quality during driving even at high speed or in high traffic? Thanks to your car’s SVC function. It’s an important part of a modern car’s audio system … Continue Reading

What Does DTE Mean in A Car?

What Does DTE Mean In A Car

Among lots of lights, messages, and error codes that a car shows, drivers often overlook the DTE signal. Many drivers don’t know what does DTE mean in a car and find them trapped in the middle of the road. DTE stands for distance to empty setting which indicates the distance a car can be driven before refuelling. It’s the latest … Continue Reading

Porsche Cayenne Years to Avoid

Porsche Cayenne Years to Avoid

The Porsche Cayenne is the SUV that saved the company and currently sells around 15000, to 20,000 per year.  The annual maintenance cost of this Porsche Cayenne is also the highest. Understanding which Porsche Cayenne years to avoid make sense to enjoy the luxurious SUV riding at minimal maintenance cost. Combining the research result of NHTSA, CarComplaints, and Edmunds, the … Continue Reading

How to Fix Hill Start Assist not Available

How to fix Hill Start Assist not Available

Hill start assist system help start a car on very steep inclines, but can disappear due to software or internal issue. Though you can keep driving with hill start assist not available light, fixing the problem increase safety and prevent the car from rolling back on inclines. So, how to fix hill start assist not available problem? You can fix … Continue Reading