Understanding DUI Penalties Impact on Car Insurance

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious breach that imposes greater consequences beyond fines and their criminal nature. One of the most overlooked and not necessarily controversial results is the effect a DUI can have on your car insurance.

Understanding how a DUI penalties can affect your available options, premiums and ultimately your financial health down the road is vital for any driver.

The Basics of DUI Penalties

Before I talk about what insurance companies may charge, I want to remind you what defines a DUI and what the usual penalties are. A DUI charge is technically given when a person is caught driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 per cent or higher.

But the penalties depend on the state: fines are usually given, but so is jail time, license suspension and DUI education courses.

Long-Term Effects on Insurance Rates

The financial fallout of a DUI, though, does not end with the night of the arrest. A DUI will taint your insurance for years – in some states and with some insurance companies, three to five years; others allow insurance companies to consider a DUI for as long as seven years.

Depending on the specifics of your case, those years could result in thousands of unnecessary dollars spent.

Insurance Options After a DUI

Following a DUI, insurance underwriting options can dwindle, with mainstream insurers refusing coverage for you, leaving you to turn to so-called ‘specialty’ insurers that target high-risk drivers. Those policies offer higher premiums at a lower coverage level.

When someone is going through dilemmas like these, the assistance of an Arizona DUI lawyer can be of immense benefit by providing the person with legal assistance and advice. At times, legal advice and assistance can help to mitigate some of the penalties and thus giving you a good chance to get a better deal from your car insurance quickly.

Steps To Mitigate Insurance Impact

Though dire, it could still be mitigated by your taking some steps: 10 Steps You Can Take to Counteract the Impact of a DUI on your Insurance.

  • Complete any court-mandated DUI education or rehabilitation programs
  • Maintain a clean driving record after the DUI incident
  • Shop around for different insurance quotes
  • Consider using mass transit or carpooling to reduce driving

Immediate Impact on Car Insurance

You can expect to see the consequences of your DUI immediately with your car insurance. Depending on your insurance company, you may be classified as a high-risk driver and your premiums will increase drastically, with your insurer outright refusing to renew your policy in some cases.

Studies from the insurance industry have shown that rates for a driver with a DUI double or even triple their insurance premium.

Legal Assistance and Financial Planning

Since there are far too many ministries that could need an oil change, a good lawyer and financial adviser are highly recommended. A DUI specialist can often mitigate many of the immediate legal consequences.

Assistance and Financial Planning

A financial adviser can help you plan for the increased insurance premiums and other financial costs that you will face. Put together, they’ll provide you with a road map of where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

SR-22 Forms and Their Role

Post-DUI conviction, you might have to file an SR-22. This isn’t insurance, but a state-mandated certificate of insurance that proves you carry the required minimum auto insurance liability coverage. Getting an SR-22 can add more complications and expense to your insurance.

Beyond Financial Costs: Emotional and Social Impact

The financial costs associated with a DUI, there are certainly the same emotional and social costs as well. Stigma is a powerful thing and, as a result of a DUI conviction, the person may find that their quality of life is severely impacted, and could potentially sever.

The warm personal relationships they once held and their standing within their community. With new friends comes a new goal Those emotional wounds often heal more slowly than any financial ones.

Impact on Employment and Professional Licenses

A DUI conviction can cost you your job or prevent you from obtaining employment. Commercial drivers can lose their commercial driver’s license (CDL). Even in a non-driving job, an employer may look less favourably upon you with a DUI on your record.

If your profession requires a professional licence, you may be subject to strict rules about convictions, and a DUI can mean that you will not be able to practice your profession.


If you’re a driver, you’ll want to know about how a DUI can affect your car insurance in the future, whether that means facing higher premiums, the need for an SR-22, or losing your insurance altogether.

If you’re informed and prepared, then being on the right side of the law won’t change the fact that you still need a way to get to work and life events in general. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to make it easier and less costly.

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