Lexus CT200h Common Problems

Lexus CT200H is an upscale sporty hybrid hatchback that is perfect for daily driving. However, this model doesn’t live up to the promise and falls short of Lexus’s standard due to causing several issues.

The Lexus CT200H common problems complained by owners are faulty transmission, clogged EGR valves, weird brake noise, and engine shaking when starting. Though any expert mechanic can solve these issues, you can avoid these by maintaining your car routinely according to the manufactured maintenance schedule.

Top 7 Lexus CT200H Common Problems

Below are some common Lexus CT200H faults faced by the owner and complaints on various cars complaining source sides and forums:

1. Transmission Problems

Lexus CT200H is designed with an IVT transmission that ensures smooth shifts through gear ratios during driving. However, the owners of Lexus ct200h complained of several problems with its transmission including delayed shifting, fluid leakage, burning smell, clunking noise, and gear slippage.

Transmission Problems

Each problem shows unique symptoms and requires repairing differently. For example, the sign of delayed shifting is a slower response while shifting gears between speeds which can cause unpleasant driving. To fix this issue, you’ll have to reset the software settings or check the gear ratio sensors.

The burning smell can be the result of overheating clutch debris and malfunction of metallic components which can be solved by refilling or changing the transmission.

Your Lexus ct200h can also leak fluid due to overheating transmission and shows signs like P0842 error or low pressure on sensors. Broken or worn-out gaskets or seals in the transmission can also cause this problem which you can solve by replacing the faulty parts.

But if you are hearing clunking noises while driving, you may need to check the entire transmission to determine and repair the faulty parts. If your car causing gear slippage, it should show an error code, and may need to replace the solenoids of the two gears.

2. Clogged EGR Valves

The EGR valve of your Lexus ct200h can clog due to plenty of reasons including the buildup of burned oil in the EGR cooler fans. You should suspect the blown oil passes the PVC through the intake. However, how fast this blown oil clogs the EGR depends on your driving habit and schedule of oil changes.

Clogged EGR Valves

EGR valves can also stuck in open or closed positions due to the build-up of dirt, carbon deposits, and soot particles from the fuel. Driving longer and faster overheat the engine and release carbon deposits. Driving in urban also increases deposit buildup.

The symptoms of Lexus CT200H EGR valve problems include engine rough idle, increased fuel consumption, car stalling when idling, the smell of fuel, knocking noise, check engine light on, and the car’s poor performance.

To fix this problem, get your car inspected by an expert mechanic as it requires proper diagnosing using the right equipment. Some manufacturers also recommend check charging the EGR valve at pre-determined intervals to avoid the issue.

3. Weird Brake Noise

Many Lexus ct200h owners also experience weird brake noise particularly when driving at low speeds like 5, 10, or 12 mph. The sound is different than braking or electrical noise and becomes more obvious while rolling down a hill at lower speeds. Some users believe that the noise comes from the left front wheel and disappears after increasing the speed.

Weird Brake Noise

If you experience so, check the car by a qualified mechanic as it can be the result of the warped rotor or brake actuator. Some Prius owners also experience the same issue. One sufferer shared that he charged $3450 for replacing the Lexus CT200H brake actuator to solve the problem.

4. Engine Shaking when Starting

Some Lexus CT200H owner complains that the engine shakes hard while starting particularly in colder weather like –4.5 degree C. However the engine return to normal and the vibration also stop after a while. It’s a common issue for almost every Lexus and Toyota car which is the result of moisture buildup in the intake manifold.

Engine Shaking when Starting

To fix the Lexus CT200H starting problems, you have to replace the intake manifold which can cost around $300 to $400. However, the manufacturer will solve the issue for free if your Lexus CT200H is under a warranty of 6 years or 70,000 miles.

5. Leakage in the Front Strut

Though it does not commonly occur, some Lexus CT200H owner experiences leakage in the front strut. Front struts can wear out due to becoming old. With time, the strut’s seals become brittle and can’t hold fluid within them.

New front struts can also become leaked due to an accident that affects the suspension system. If you can’t diagnose the problem, talk to the manufacturer for diagnosis and original replacement parts. Replace the leaked front strut even if it cost around $450 to $900 per set.

Driving with faulty struts can make the ride unstable and dangerous. Wont-out strut can’t protect the vehicle from bouncing on uneven roads and your car may tend to skid or roll over and cause severe accidents.

6. High Oil Consumption

Lexus CT200H fuel consumption is a bit higher than other similar models. If you have owned or planning to buy a Lexus CT200H 2011 to 2013 model, you may experience high oil consumption issues. This problem is also common for the Prius 2010 to 2014 model with a 2ZR-FXE engine.

High Oil Consumption

It can happen due to overheating the engine which is the result of engine oil running out on longer trips. To avoid this issue, you may need to top off 5 quarts of oil in the engine between oil changes. According to the Lexus dealer, it’s regular oil consumption. The high oil consumption can also increase wear and tear on the engine and end up with replacing the engine than expected.

7. Exterior Light Problems

The exterior light of Lexus CT200H comes with four years or 50,000 miles warranty. Some owner of Lexus CT200H particularly from 2011 to 2015 complains that its exterior light wears out after passing the warranty. If your car’s exterior light wears out before the warranty (four years or 50,000 miles), the dealer will fix it.

Otherwise, it’ll cost around $500 to fix the exterior problem including labor costs. The concerning issue is that the potential source of this problem isn’t explained by the manufacturer. So you have to check manually or depend on an expert mechanic. Some sufferer finds that it’s a result of the faulty wiring harness.

Is the Lexus CT 200h a Reliable Car?

Though the Lexus CT200H causes some issues, it’s an incredibly reliable car with great fuel economy. It’s a strong performer and gets the right rate in various customer satisfaction surveys.

Is the Lexus CT 200h a Reliable Car

Most owners admired its engine refinement and build quality. If you are after assurances about a hybrid system, opt for Lexus as its engine and gearbox are highly dependable in the long run. Many dealers also praised the Lexus CT200H for their courteous staff, quality work, excellent communication, and customer service.

Some best selling points of Lexus CT200H are:

  • Improved gas mileage
  • Excellent look particularly the F-sport model
  • Outstanding quality interior
  • Decent interior space
  • Ergonomic handle that feels nimble yet solid
  • Comfortable and luxurious seats
  • The engine whines on acceleration

However, you should consider the Lexus CT200H best year so you can avoid those common problems as much as possible. 2016 and 2017 are considered the best year for Lexus CT200H as these models get minimal complaints reported on NHTSA.

Below are some model years of Lexus CT200H based on the complaints reported on NHTSA:

Lexus CT200H Model YearNumber of Complaints (NHTSA)

Repair and Maintenance of the Lexus CT200H

Proper preventative maintenance can provide up to 200,000 miles of longevity of CT200H. You can even avoid most Lexus CT200H common problems before they happen following the Lexus CT200H maintenance schedule.

Lexus creates this plan keeping their model’s requirements in mind. However, these maintenance tips vary depending on the local weather, driving conditions, travel patterns, etc. the recommended routine maintenance tips are exchanging fluid, replacing the filter, installing brake pads, tire rotations, and oil changes.

Following regular maintenance tips will also improve your Lexus CT200H’s safety and eliminate the worry of facing those problems. Depending on the service provider, car’s age, mileage, and location, your Lexus CT200H can cost around $730 for annual maintenance. You can also purchase a Lexus CT200H repair manual to handle minor issues and keep the car in optimum condition.


Why is my Lexus CT200H not turning on?

Your Lexus CT200H won’t start if its starter malfunction, the weak alternator get damaged and the battery becomes dead. However, it requires a proper diagnosis to find out the actual source of causes to fix the problem.

Why is the check engine light on a 2013 Lexus CT200H?

The check engine light of Lexus CT200H may activate due to failure of the emission system component, catalytic converter, or sensor. It can also turn on due faulty head gasket, damaged fuel injection system, or defective spark plugs 

Is Lexus CT200H worth buying?

The Lexus CT200H is an excellent buy for anyone looking for a modern hatchback. Comes in a compact design, this car has enough space for some passengers while making it easy for parking in narrow spaces. The Lexus CT200H is also a great alternative to the Toyota Prius.

Final Words

Whether you are planning to buy new or used, you should be aware of the Lexus CT200H’s common problems like damaged transmission, faulty brake, and clogged EGR. Otherwise, either of these issues can cause a worse scenario and expensive repair costs. Despite, Lexus CT200H is a luxurious car to drive and enjoy long-lasting performance, thanks to its top-notch chassis, tough body, and improved engine. 

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