Ford Edge Years to Avoid

While Ford Edge is popular for its comfortable ride, heavier cargo-carrying ability, and reliable performance, certain model years have reported more issues than others. So if you are planning to buy a mid-size Ford edge SUV, you must understand which Ford years to avoid.

In short, you should avoid Ford edge 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015. These models have received lots of complaints due to their faulty engines, damaged transmission, defective electric system, and more. If you want to buy a reliable and high-performing Ford edge that requires minimal maintenance, choose the Ford edge 2009, 2014, 2018, or other newer models.

The Top Ford Edge Years to Avoid

Following are some of the worse Ford edge models depending on their received complaints and reliability ratings on popular websites.

Ford Edge YearNumber of Complains Received on CarComplaintsReliability rating on Edmunds ( out of 5)Reliability rating on J.D. Power ( out of 100)
2021 4.0 

2007 Ford Edge

If you are planning to buy a used or new Ford edge model, the first model you should avoid is 2007. This Ford edge has plenty of faulty parts that cause minor irritations to a major failure.

2007 Ford Edge

The common problems the 2007 Ford edge experienced are transmission failure, problematic electrical system, and jerking. Some owners also experienced brake, suspension, and cooling problems. The 2007 Ford edge is the most inefficient model that you would never want to buy.

2008 Ford Edge

This is the second worse model that was referred to as a clunker and had quite the same issue as the previous model. Apart from the transmission, air conditioning, and electrical issue, this model had the alternator, battery, and starter issues.

2008 Ford Edge

Some users also complained that this model has a malfunctioning heater that causes water pump failure. Though you can repair or replace those parts, it can be expensive particularly who are looking for a used model.

2011 Ford Edge

This model is a part of the first-generation Ford Edge and had transmission and engine problems. It’s got more than 400 complaints at CarComplaint and some of them are door ajar light on, loss of power and suddenly shut down during driving. Some users also experienced its transmission jerk and slip during shifting gears and the brake pedal feel spongy.

2011 Ford Edge

2012 Ford Edge

The 2012 Ford edge got 200 complaints, making it an unreliable model to buy. The most common issue this model faced are slipping or jerking during shifting gears and air conditioning provides insufficient cool air. It also makes a clicking noise and causes a power booster problem.

2012 Ford Edge

2013 Ford Edge

The Ford edge SUV car recorded the highest number of complaints (600+) than the other model, making it the worse Ford edge model to buy. The main problem with this model is the faulty electrical system.

Its door light stays on after closing the door which costs about $400 to repair. It also needs to repair the leaking coolant which costs around $5,000. Other problems include power booster issues, clicking noise, and transmission problems. Though the 2013 Ford edge is comfortable to ride and has a spacious interior, it won’t be worth buying after knowing those issues.

2015 Ford Edge

The main issue with the 2015 Ford edge is the engine problem. The owner experienced engine stalling, loss of power, and engine failure. So you may need to spend thousands to repair the car if you buy this model.

2015 Ford Edge

The vista glass of its windows also cracks easily which takes about $1500 to replace. You may also need to rebuild and reseal its oil pan a couple of times.  The 2015 model was also notorious for a faulty electrical system and causing engine death.

2016 Ford Edge

The main problem with the 2016 Ford edge is the fragile glass panel of the rear window and vista roof that tends to shatter suddenly. The model also has some engine-related problems like engine stalling during driving and oil leaks. So you should avoid this 2016 Ford edge model when planning to buy a Ford Edge SUV.

The Best Ford Edge Years to Choose

Below are some of the best Ford edge models that become popular for their outstanding performance and reliability and become high-rated in the market:

The Best Ford Edge Years to Choose

2009 Ford Edge

This oldest model had minimal complaints and plenty of positive feedback, making it reliable for the people’s cheapest edge. This model got only 271 complaints to the 1400 of the earlier model. This well-designed Ford edge is also easier to drive and maintain.

2014 Ford Edge

If you want to buy the greatest and safest first-generation Ford car, opt for this 2014 Ford edge model. It has a 3.5-L V6 engine and 6-speed transmission that make the vehicle extremely powerful and provides improved fuel efficiency instead of any trouble. It didn’t also get many complaints except the radio malfunction, faulty heater, and fragile rear window.

2014 Ford Edge

2018 Ford Edge

This Ford edge doesn’t show many problems like the other earlier models except for the torque converter connection failure, faulty front brake hoses, and alternator cables. Still, this Ford edge model is worth buying particularly for its attractive design and sporty personality. However, it doesn’t have much power or speed while requiring minimal maintenance.

2019 Ford Edge

This Ford edge model received only 20 compliant and the major problems are stalling while driving, making a sound like a dirt bike, and loud clicking while coasting. These are very minimal problems compared to the earlier models.

2019 Ford Edge

This model is reliable for a smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to its performance-tuned suspension. It also has accurate steering and plenty of safety features, making the model popular among SUV enthusiasts.

2020 Ford Edge

If you want to buy a newer and luxury SUV with high technology features, choose the 2020 Ford edge. This model only receives 9 complaints and most of them are transmission related.

Still, this Ford edge model is recommended particularly for plenty of room for cargo and passengers. Even this car will offer you a luxury feel without costing the luxury price.

2021 Ford Edge

If you are looking for a reliable midsize SUV for a comfortable and smooth ride, opt for this 2021 Ford edge. It also has a spacious interior and lots of safety features that help it gets an exceptional dependable rating on various online automotive complaints resource sites like Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book. However, it shows some problems with the camera, steering, and airbag.

2021 Ford Edge

It has a turbocharged engine, heavier load capacity, and enough room for five passengers. So whether you want a dependable Ford edge for daily driving or carrying cargo with improved fuel efficiency, this one can be your best bet.

Common Problem of Various Ford Edge Models

Below are some common problems that most Ford Edge models have experienced:

Common Problem of Various Ford Edge Models

Transmission Problems

All the Ford edge models have been affected by transmission problems. Even the earlier model of Ford edge like 2007 and 2008 become notorious for the transmission problem. The symptoms of transmission issues include jerking or shipping while shifting gears, PTU failure, loss of acceleration, and failure of transmission completely.

Transmission Problems

However, Ford has done a great job of upgrading the transmission. Hence newer models don’t have much issue with the transmission. The cost of fixing the transmission problem is around $4000 depending on the particular issue.

Electrical System Problems

The most common electrical problem this Ford edge experienced is door ajar light stay on, the battery going dead, fob issues, and loss of power while driving. Other electric problem includes malfunctioning air conditioner, power windows, and door locks. Fixing the electrical problem on the Ford edge can cost around $800 to $3000 depending on the replacement parts.

Engine Problems

Engine problem is a major concern for Ford edge 2010, 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019. The common engine problems are engine stalls, surging and hesitating, the car losing power, and the engine dead.

The replacement cost of the Ford edge engine is around $4600 to $4800. But if it only needs to repair the fuel pump or throttle body, then you can charge around $280 to $1,581.

Suspension and Brakes

Faulty suspend and brake is the second worse problem for various Ford edge models including 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2013. The symptoms include the need to apply the hard brake to stop, pedal going to the floor, faulty brake booster, and bad rotors.

Suspension and Brakes

This issue causes reduced handling, rough ride and increase the risk of an accident. A mechanic can cost around between $215 and $244 to replace the brake pad to fix the problem

Interior Accessories Problem

Damaged interior components are a common problem for all vehicles including Ford. However, it’s worth understanding the parts that mostly get damaged on the Ford edge when you are planning to own one.

The interior accessories that mostly malfunction are the camera, navigation system, touch screen, gas gauge, and odor in the cabin. However, repairing or replacing the interior components of the Ford edge is relatively cheaper.

Why Do Ford Discontinue the Edge?

Edge is the first mid-size SUV made by Ford and is a popular choice for a great combination of outstanding space, features, and performance. It’s an excellent series for SUV enthusiasts for riding off into the sunset. However, they have announced that the 2023 Ford edge will be the last model of the Edge series. But why did they decide so?

Why Do Ford Discontinue the Edge

They decide to do so for their commitment to electric vehicles. The company wants to focus more on EV production. So if you want to buy the latest model of the Ford edge series, the 2023 model year will be your last chance.


Which one is the most reliable Ford Edge Year?

If you consider the first generation Ford edge model, 2009 is the most dependable Ford edge year. The owner of this model praised it for its large roomy interior, dependable power train, and affordable maintenance cost. The model also got fewer complaints and higher reliability ratings than other models.

Should you avoid the 2013 Ford edge years?

The 2013 Ford edge is one of the top models that you should avoid buying. It had experienced lots of problems and required a large amount of maintenance cost. So it won’t a worthwhile investment for regular driving or carrying cargo.

How long will a 2010 Ford Edge last?

The 2010 Ford edge is a midsize SUV that lasts around 250,000 miles. However, its annual maintenance cost is a bit higher than the competitors. According to Repair pal, It cost around $536 per year on maintenance.

Final Words

Throughout the guide, we’ve listed all the Ford edge years and suggested which Ford edge years to avoid and choose. So you should now be able to decide on the right Ford edge SUV based on its real-life performance. However, no vehicles are beyond the issues. Choose the best Ford edge SUV and maintain it properly to enjoy the optimum performance. 

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