Service Power Steering Drive with Care

Service Power Steering Drive with Care sign in your car’s ECU (car computer) isn’t as scary as it sounds. With the proper techniques and attention, even you can fix it successfully without visiting a workshop. However, to do that, you first need to understand the meaning of this particular sign and its causes so that fixing it seems effortless.

When your car illuminates this Service Power Steering sign, the steering isn’t getting enough power for smooth maneuverability. Because of it, you might find driving hard, especially when taking turns.

Then again, you can solve the issue and drive around safely by fixing a few components, like the power liquid level, replacing the power hose, or reinstalling new electric sensors.

What Does Service Power Steering Mean?

The Service Power Steering warning sign means a serious problem with the vehicle’s power steering maneuverability. It indicates that it’s time to check the steering system thoroughly so you don’t get into accidents.

Then again, this doesn’t explain all. When your vehicle’s system starts illuminating this sign, it usually means the following depending on the car model:

  • Low Power Steering Fluid
  • Power Steering Pump Failure
  • Power Steering Belt or Tensioner Issues
  • Electrical or Sensor Problems

Regardless of the specific cause or meaning, you must address the issue quickly and take necessary actions in no time!

5 Common Causes of Service Power Steering And Solutions

If you are wondering what causes this warning to flash on your car, we have discussed the reasons for you. Please go through the causes and solutions to repair it in no time.

1. Low Power Steering Fluid

The maneuverability of the steering system relies greatly on the power liquid. When the level of this liquid decreases in the system, the power supply in the steering reduces significantly. In return, it stiffens the steering and triggers the sign to warn you.

Low Power Steering Fluid


The solution to this problem is quite effortless. Find the power steering fluid reservoir (usually near the engine) and check the fluid level. If necessary, refill the tank to resolve the issue in no time.

However, make sure to use the correct type of fluid for your car. The wrong kind of liquid might result in additional steering issues.

Pro Tip: Check the liquid level regularly to avoid the power steering problem successfully.

2. Power Steering Pump Issues

The pump issue is another reason your car triggers the Power Steering warning. Generally, the power steering pump pressurizes the power steering fluid and provides hydraulic assistance to the steering system. When it malfunctions and fails to maintain the pressure, the steering wheel fails to perform as before and starts blinking the warning sign.

Power Steering Pump Issues


The only way to solve this issue is by replacing the pump. If you determine that the power steering pump is causing the signal to appear, replace it immediately for safe and seamless driving.

3. Problem With Power Steering Belt or Tensioner

If there is a problem with your car’s power steering belt or tensioner, it will most definitely reduce the power supply in the steering wheel. And if there is a limited power supply in the steering, it will start showing the “service power steering” signal to alert you before a drive.

Problem With Power Steering Belt or Tensioner


The power steering belt suffers from wear and tear over time. Check for any signs of wear or damage and replace them immediately. It will solve the issue in no time.

4. Faulty Power Steering Sensors

Many newer models come with an electric steering system for ease of driving. However, if this modern system’s electrical sensors start working weirdly, the car shows a warning message for prompt action.


If the issue is with the sensors, it’s better to take the car to an authorized service center. The service centers have the necessary equipment to find the exact problem. As you don’t have such equipment, it would be impossible to fix it completely.

5. Power Steering Hoses or Connections Leaking

Even if you use the best power steering hose, it can develop leaks and damage over time. And when this happens, the power fluid tends to leak rather than assist the steering. For lack of power fluid in the steering, your car can show the warning sign sooner than later.

Power Steering Hoses or Connections Leaking


If you suspect that there is a leakage in the steering hose, repair or replace it immediately. This will not only stop the warning sign but also ensure optimal power steering performance

Service Power Steering Issue and Solution for Different Car Models

One interesting thing about the power steering issue is that it differs from car models. We have discussed the problem and solutions for a few different cars for your better understanding.

Service Power Steering Drive with Care GMC Sierra

The main causes of the power steering warning of GMC Sierra are fluid leaks, a stiff or noisy steering wheel, or a loss of power steering assistance. If the warning sign appears on your car’s ECU, check these factors first to find out what is actually triggering the warning.

Service Power Steering Drive with Care GMC Sierra

You should also check the power steering fluid level and top it up if necessary to keep the warning at bay.

Service Power Steering Drive with Care Chevy Impala

If the “Service Power Steering” sign blinks on your Chevy Impala, it is most probably caused by a lack of power fluids in the pump. Refill the fluid to solve the issue promptly.

Service Power Steering Drive with Care Chevy Impala

However, don’t forget to check for leaks and damage in the liquid hose to avoid future issues.

Pro Tips to Avoid Service Power Steering Warnings

  • Perform regular maintenance to spot any problems in your car.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for the power steering system.
  • Don’t forget to check the power steering fluid level and condition.
  • Remember not to turn the steering to the maximum limit for an extended period.
  • Listen carefully to any unusual sound your car is making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Drive With a Service Power Steering Signal?

You shouldn’t drive with a “Service Power Steering” signal illuminating your car. It reduces the steering maneuverability and can cause safety hazards if you don’t fix it ASAP.

What Is The Cost of Service Power Steering Drive With Care?

The cost of servicing the power steering system depends on the specific issue and car model. Generally, it can cost you something between $100 and $500.

What Are The Issues If You Don’t Fix Service Power Steering?

It will cause safety hazards if you don’t fix this issue. Because of this, you will face a loss of power steering assistance and find it difficult to steer the car as smoothly as before. It will make driving the vehicle tricky and put you at risk of accidents. 

Wrapping Up

The “Service Power Steering Drive with Care” signal is as alarming as it sounds. If you don’t address the issue right away, there are chances that you might end up in a fatal accident. As it limits the maneuverability of the steering, it actually reduces your ability to drive it swiftly.

However, with the above solutions, you can fix the issues as early as possible and drive all the way you want- without limitations!

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