How To Change Battery in A Subaru Key Fob

Subaru keyless entry and push-button start are pretty convenient, but the fancy key fob, like anything with batteries in it, will need to be replaced eventually.

Fortunately, replacing your Subaru key fob batteries is easy. Follow this handy guide to help you know how to change battery in a Subaru key fob.

But before we dig into those, a little background on the key fob itself, especially the Subaru version that’s most probably lost or broken.

Subaru offers two types of key fobs – a standard type that will unlock the doors remotely and a proximity key fob that can unlock the doors and turn on the ignition with push-button start and a feature called passive entry, which will unlock the car when you touch the handle.

Your fob will be one or the other type, but in both cases, it will have a small coin-cell battery. With Subaru, it’s likely either a CR2032 or CR2025.

Signs of A Weak Subaru Key Fob Battery

A bad (or dying battery in your Subaru key fob will affect any of the keyless start system and entry functions in your car and fail your key fob altogether.

Some common signs of a weak Subaru key fob battery are…

Reduced Range: Another clear giveaway is a reduction in the lock-and-unlock range. If you notice that you need to be much closer to your Subaru than previously for the remote to unlock or lock the car, a weak key fob battery is the likely culprit.

Unresponsive Buttons: When the battery is very low, you might need to push the buttons on your key fob several times before the device responds. Or it might not respond to any of those button presses during several presses despite your pressing firmly on them.

Warning Light on the Dashboard: Many newer Subaru models have a warning light on the dash that reminds you that your key fob battery is low. So, when you see a key fob icon or a battery warning light on the dash, it means that the battery is weak and you should replace it as soon as possible.

Intermittent Functionality: One common symptom of a weak battery is that the key fob may work correctly one moment and fail the next. This is particularly true when the battery is low on power.

Difficulty Starting the Vehicle: If you have a Subaru with a push-button start system, weak key fob batteries can inhibit the system from recognizing the key fob itself. If your key fob battery is weak, you might need to press the start button multiple times, or the vehicle might not see the key fob at all, removing your ability to start the vehicle.

Preparing for The Key Fob Battery Replacement

While you have this battery on hand, it’s worth trying the replacement process.

Gather the required tools, which should include your small flat-head screwdriver or a coin, your new battery (likely CR2032 or CR2025 for your Subaru model), and, ideally, your owner’s manual to double-check what type of battery your key fob took.

How To Replacing Battery in a Subaru Key Fob

Changing the battery in your Subaru key fob should be easy. If your key fob is powered by a CR2032, CR2025, or CR1620 battery, the process of replacing it should be similar.

In this instruction, we provide a step-by-step guide for each battery type.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Small flat-head screwdriver or coin
  • Replacement battery (CR2032, CR2025, or CR1620)
  • Clean, flat surface

1. Identify the Correct Battery Type

Once you’ve got that figured out, you’ll need to buy a replacement battery. Usually, your owner’s manual will give you all the details you need regarding your Subaru key fob batteries.

Alternatively, you can open up the current key fob and see if there’s a number directly printed on the battery. The most common batteries for Subaru key fobs include CR2032, CR2025, and CR1620.

2. Open the Key Fob Case

Look for the plastic seam where the two pieces of the key fob meet. Carefully pry the key fob apart using a small flat-head screwdriver or a coin, but be careful not to damage the casing that protects the plastic piece.

3. Remove the Old Battery

After you set the key fob (remote) to the open position:

  • Press the small clip-on of the battery holder. This will release the battery for removal.
  • Please take a closer look at its structure and note the position of the battery (where its tentacles are and on which side it is facing up).
  • Ensure you install the new battery carefully to match the orientation.

4. Insert the New Battery

Slide the new battery (CR2032, CR2025, or CR1620) into your key fob with the right orientation (the positive (+) side up). Then, lightly push it in, letting the clip hold the battery in place.

5. Reassemble the Key Fob

Open the two halves of the key fob and press them together until they snap together, making sure the casing is entirely closed. Do not store it with any gaps or holes, as this will let in moisture or dirt.

6. Test the Key Fob

Reinstall the key fob and check the new battery. Stand near your Subaru and press the buttons to see if the key fob is working.

Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement For CR2032 Battery:

  • Open the key fob using a small flat-head screwdriver.
  • Remove the old CR2032 battery.
  • Insert the new CR2032 battery with the positive (+) side facing up.
  • Reassemble the key fob and test it.

Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement For CR2025 Battery:

  • Open the key fob using a small flat-head screwdriver.
  • Remove the old CR2025 battery.
  • Insert the new CR2025 battery with the positive (+) side facing up.
  • Reassemble the key fob and test it.

Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement For CR1620 Battery:

  • Open the key fob using a small flat-head screwdriver.
  • Remove the old CR1620 battery.
  • Insert the new CR1620 battery with the positive (+) side facing up.
  • Reassemble the key fob and test it.

Test The Key Fob To Make Sure

Now check that everything works properly. With the key fob reassembled, stand near your Subaru and test the buttons to be sure the new battery works.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Battery Orientation: Make sure that the new battery is installed in the right way, with the positive (+) facing the same way that it should when placed in the key fob. If your key fob has stained, dirty, or corroding battery contacts, you can purchase cleaner for remote controls that is useful for producing a squeaky clean surface.

Clean Contacts: If the remote’s battery contacts appear dirty or corroded, try cleaning them with a soft cloth or rags.

Proper assembly: Double-check that the key fob case is snapped together securely.

FAQs on How To Change Battery in A Subaru Key Fob

What type of battery does a Subaru key fob use?

Most Subaru key fobs contain a CR2032 or CR2025 coin-cell battery. Some may differ, so always check the type of your key fob concerning the model and year of your Subaru car. You may browse the owner’s manual or use the old battery as an example, which is a better reference.

How often should I replace the battery in my Subaru key fob?

If your Subaru remote has been properly used, the battery should last approximately two to three years. If you notice a shortened transmitter range, unresponsive buttons, or an illuminated dashboard warning light, you should replace the battery now.

My key fob still needs to be fixed after replacing the battery what to do?

After the battery has been replaced, if the key fob still does not work, check and see if the battery has been installed correctly into the key fob. Make sure the battery contacts are not corroded and that the key fob case is not broken. If so, contact a professional technician or purchase a new key fob to replace the old one.

Can I use any brand of coin-cell battery for my Subaru key fob?

It is best to use the highest-quality coin-cell batteries, preferably a quality brand name such as Energiser and Duracell—those cheap grocery or generic types seem to run down faster. We recommend the use of either CR2032 or CR2025.

Can I change the battery on my key fob in my garage?

Changing the battery in the gateway is so easy that any Subaru owner can do it, and it requires zero tools. Of course, if you’re squeamish, you can always take your car to your local dealership or service center, and someone can swap the battery out for you in just a few minutes.


Here, we help you to replace the battery yourself in your Subaru key fob. It takes very little time, and you save yourself the hassle of having to go to the dealership. Now, you will remember to replace your key fob battery.

And you will always have the remote start and keyless entry you depend on and love in your Subaru. It makes sense to do preventative maintenance on your keyless entry remote. You avoid dealing with a dead battery and panicking about your remote not functioning.

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