How To Navigate The Aftermath of A Car Accident

How To Navigate The Aftermath of A Car Accident

A car accident happens, causing some damage and lift to your heart raster. It really sucks. And if you’ve been involved in an accident, you might be dealing with unusual sensations. If that is the case, this guide will help you to deal with your accident after-math. Here are clearly described the steps that should be done immediately after an … Continue Reading

Chevy 2.7 Turbo Engine Problems

Chevy 2.7 Turbo Engine Problems

Chevy 2.7L turbo engine is top of the trend and replaced the V8 engine, thanks to its compact yet powerful design. However, the Chevy 2.7L turbo engine isn’t beyond the problem that needs attention. Common Chevy 2.7 turbo engine problems are reduced fuel economy, low horsepower, availability issues, and some mechanical problems. However, the owner can easily avoid these problems … Continue Reading

What Does DS Mean in A Car?

What Does DS Mean In A Car

Drive sport mode in short DS is one of the most common symbols in sports cars. Car owners need to understand the unique meaning of various symbols that come with modern cars to gain skill. It’s essential to know what does DS mean in a car to get the best out of your car. DS means Drive Sport mode in a … Continue Reading

What Does DTE Mean in A Car?

What Does DTE Mean In A Car

Car drivers often overlook the DTE signal among lots of warning lights, messages, and error codes that a car shows on dashboard. Many car drivers don’t know what does DTE mean in a car and find them trapped in the middle of the road. DTE means Distance To Empty setting which indicates the distance a car can be driven before … Continue Reading

Students And Muscle Cars: Dreams And Reality

Students And Muscle Cars Dreams And Reality

A muscle car can bring excitement, independence and a strong sense of nostalgia to many young students. The punchy motors and handsome designs all seem to represent the symbols of independent living and encourage the students to work harder and save more to make the purchase. Students and muscle cars, is its dreams or reality. Financial Realism The financial realities … Continue Reading

What Does SVC Mean in A Car?

What Does SVC Mean in a Car

You may have noticed the SVC function in your car’s audio setting and wondering what does SVC mean in a car. But have you ever wondered how you can enjoy the best sound quality during driving even at high speed or in high traffic? Thanks to your car’s SVC function. SVC is an important part of a modern car’s audio … Continue Reading

How To Reset Power Steering Assist Fault Ford Fusion

How To Fix Power Steering Assist Fault Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion is an incredibly popular midsize sedan for convenience and fuel efficiency family ride except for the downside of power steering fault. Do you know how to reset power steering assist fault in Ford Fusion at home? If your Ford Fusion dashboard is showing this error message, check fluid level and make sure fuse, steering motor, strut plus, rack, … Continue Reading