2.8L Duramax Problems And Reliability

2.8 Duramax Problems

2.8L Duramax engine is one of the best choice of diesel engine lovers for its exceptional towing capacity and great highway power. But 2.8L Duramax engine has some problems. Most common 2.8L Duramax problems are bad fuel pumps, faulty fuel filters, poor emission systems, and turbocharger failures. However, you can run a 2.8 Duramax engine up to 300000 miles without … Continue Reading

Service Theft Deterrent System Car Won’t Start

Service Theft Deterrent System

Service theft deterrent system is a crucial feature of modern cars that control ignition system, active fuel management system to prevent unauthorized use. However, service theft deterrent system can malfunction due to using the wrong key, unauthorized activity, a blown fuse or wire, or a damaged anti-theft system. So you won’t be able to start your vehicle.  In this case, … Continue Reading

Service Brake Pad Monitor Message Reset

Service Brake Pad Monitor

Service brake pad monitor message means that you car brake pads have faults. Brake pad life monitor is also triggered due to low brake fluid, bad brake fluid or damaged brake pad system. You should replace the damaged brake pads and reset service brake pad monitor. You shouldn’t continue driving with the service brake pad monitor message as it can … Continue Reading

How To Fix Squeaky Car Window?

How To Fix Squeaky Car Window

If your car windows make a squeaking noise, it can be the result of wear and dirt, a misalignment problem, or a lack of lubrication. If you don’t fix the squeaking noise issue, it can cause expensive repairs. It’s essential to know how to fix squeaky car window issues to ensure silent operation. In this case, you can clean your … Continue Reading

Driving With A Bad Catalytic Converter

Driving With A Bad Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is a vital part of the exhaust system and it lasts quite a long. However, catalytic converters can get clogged, break and damage and start making a rattling noise while preventing the engine from emitting exhaust. Driving with a bad catalytic converter can cause plenty of issues including loss of power, reduced fuel economy and limp mode. … Continue Reading