How To Clear Check DRL System Acura MDX?

Check DRL (daytime running light) system is a common problem for Acura MDX users that mostly occurs after replacing factory DRL with LEDs. Check DRL system Acura MDX indicates burn-out DRL, damaged wire, blown fuse, failed DRL module, or corroded system.

This warning message also indicates that system detects OEM bulbs with less resistance. Though this annoying message isn’t concerning, you should diagnose and fix the issue to enhance visibility during daylight hours.

What Does Check DRL System Acura MDX Mean?

Acura MDX daytime running lights (DRL) produce yellow light which is annoying for some owners and less visible for other road users. Hence many Acura MDX owners tend to replace factory DRL with LEDs to get solid white daylight to increase visibility in snow, fog, or dark conditions. 

However, some owners have check DRL system error message on the dashboard after starting vehicle. Check DRL system message on Acura MDX comes on when onboard computer detects any malfunction in the system. The message can come on due to a burn-out bulb, faulty fuse, and loose wires. If you replace Acura MDX halogen bulb with LED without installing resistors, it can also turn on check DRL system message.

The reason is that installing LEDs can’t load the circuit enough for the vehicle to think bulbs are working. Though this error message isn’t a serious concern, if you avoid this message, it can trigger a DRL warning light and check engine light. If your car shows a check DRL system message, you’ll have to check the DRL system deeply to fix underlying issue and deactivate error message.

Causes of Check DRL System on Acura MDX Dashboard

Acura MDX can show this warning message due to these faults in the system:

1. Burn-Out DRL

Check DRL system message can mostly turn on due to burn out daytime running bulb. DRL can get damaged due to the bulb’s melted contact point or blown fuse. Faulty or disconnected ambient sensors can also damage daytime running bulbs.

To verify, turn on your vehicle with headlights off or in auto mode. Faulty bulb won’t turn on and you’ll have to replace it to remove warning message.

Burn-Out DRL

You can also test the condition of the bulb by disconnecting headlight and checking continuity. Remember, a faulty bulb can trigger a DRL warning light. So fix check drl system malfunction immediately. Daylight running lights and fog lights are next to each other. So burn-out DRL can also damage fog light.

2. Damaged Wire

Loose connections or worn-out wires can turn on check DRL system on dashboard. Wires can get damaged by a serpentine belt and come loose during replacing bulbs. If so, you have to repair damaged wire by cutting faulty sections and splicing new wire. This should disappear the error message.

Damaged Wire

3. Blown Fuse

DRL systems have various fuses that protect them from electrical surges. If fuse blows due to overheating or getting old, it can cause a power problem and trigger a DRL error message. If so, replace the fuse, and error message should goes away.

4. Failed DRL Module

Module controls the whole operation of DRL system. If DRL module fails due to a short circuit, corroded wiring, or other electrical problem, check DRL system message can come on during starting your vehicle. If so, you have to inspect DRL module and replace it if finds defective.

Failed DRL Module

5. Corroded DRL System

DRL system consists of lots of wirings and connectors that can get corrosion due to exposure to rainwater and fog.  If so, wiring and connectors won’t be able to ensure a smooth flow of electrical charge and it can activate error messages.

To fix the issue, check connectors or wires thoroughly for signs of wear, tear, and corrosion. Repair faulty connectors or wires if these get damaged.

How To Fix Check DRL System Acura MDX Issue?

If your Acura MDX shows a check DRL system warning message, you have to work on potential causes of disappearing messages. In this case, you can start by checking wiring harness and its socket.

How To Fix Check DRL System Acura MDX Issue

If a loose connection between car wiring harness causing the message, tightening the connection should fix this issue. If an error message activates after changing a bulb and lights work fine, try these techniques to remove error message.

1. Resetting Message

To reset message, disconnect battery negative cable and turn off all switches. Don’t touch positive terminal. Then open DRL wiring socket and clean it using contact cleaner. Dry the socket and refit it. Reconnect battery negative cable after around 30 minutes. Check DRL system message disappears.

Resetting Message

2. Installing Resistor

If your Acura MDX shows an error message due to detecting less electrical resistance than required for OEM bulbs, installing a resistor can remove the message. Install a resistor to the DRL line will make system that it’s delivering correct load or getting LEDs with extra resistors pre-wired.

Installing Resistor

Installing V-leds with resistors and modules is an effective solution to avoid amber lighting on dash. If factory bulbs get damaged, you should replace them with regular halogen bulbs. If you want to go with LED, buy a bulb with resistors or get a resistor additionally.

If both techniques fail to disappear check DRL system, and bring car to authorized service center. They’ll connect master computer to your vehicle to diagnose and identify root cause of error message and suggest required repairs. They’ll also install updated software if required to disappear error messages.

Can You Drive With Check DRL System Acura MDX Message?

You can continue to drive Acura MDX with a check DRL system as it won’t hurt engine. However, you shouldn’t drive with this error message as it indicates a malfunction in DRL system.

If it prevents DRL light from turning on, chance of crashing with highest-risk road users like motorcycles and pedestrians will increase. It’s especially true for winter or foggy days.

If you need to drive with a faulty DRL system, turn on headlights when start your car. If your car has an automatic headlights option, turn on the feature. Headlights will come on whenever required. This will also provide you with enough time to repair faulty DRL system.


How To Turn Off DRL On Acura MDX?

Set your car power mode to vehicle off to turn off DRL. However, this light turned off automatically after turning on headlight or shifting headlight switch in auto mode.

What Causes Daytime Running Lights Not To Work?

Daytime running lights may malfunction due to worn, cracked, or damaged wire in the wiring harness. A blown fuse of the DRL or defective DRL relay can also cause this issue. If so, replace blown fuse or DRL relay to restore functionality of daytime running lights

How Much Does it Cost To Replace Burnt DRL To Fix DRL System On Acura MDX?

Acura MDX Daytime Running Light costs around $10.89 to $20. Make sure you are buying Acura MDX parts and products from trusted brands. Resistance of the new DRLs should also match with your car DRL system.

Final Words

DRL system is a safety feature on Acura MDX. If you face activated check DRL system message on Acura MDX, check its connectors, fuses and wirings for damage and corrosion.

Reset DRL system to disappear the error message if everything seems okay. Most importantly, make sure new LEDs match with headlights and required resistance. If none of those techniques works, visit Acura authorized repair shop.

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