Side Effects of Bypassing Heater Core

Bypassing the heater core can be a cost efficient and time-saving decision, but it brings plenty of consequences. 

Some key side effects of bypassing heater core are engine overheating, and the passenger cabin will not become warm.

The defogger won’t work. You can continue driving the vehicle with a bad heater core after bypassing it. But you should repair or replace it to avoid causing further damage.

Major Side Effects of Bypassing Heater Core

If you bypass a car’s heater core, it’ll lose cooling efficiency.  You’ll also have a frog in the window, particularly during winter. The other consequences are:

1. No Heat To The Passenger Cabin

The heater core allows the engine’s hot water to heat the vehicle and maintain a comfortable environment inside the car. But if you bypass the heater core, the cabin won’t become warm and the fog won’t be defrosted. 

So you shouldn’t bypass the heater core, particularly in winter. If the heater core leaks, you have to remove the dashboard partially or completely to repair it. However, it’s very costly. If the heater core gets damaged during winter, replacing is a better option than bypassing.

2. Engine Overheat

If you bypass the heater core, the engine will become overheated. With the engine running, coolant flows from the engine to the heater core and cools down before returning to the engine. But the coolant won’t cool properly after bypassing the heater core. Therefore the engine will overheat and will damage quickly.

Engine Overheat

3. Useless Defogger

Bypassing the heater core will make the defogger useless. So the glove box’s hot air won’t heat the windshield. If the heater core clogs up with mud or ice, the windshield won’t also get hot air and won’t be able to fog it up. 

4. Reduced Resale Value

If you bypass the heater core, it’ll also reduce the overall value of your car. Buyers may consider bypassed heater cores as a future expense or lack of maintenance. Hence they may offer lower prices for your vehicle.

Some Benefits of Bypassing Heater Core

Bypassing the heater core may bring plenty of negative consequences. But it provides some benefits too. Below are some short-term benefits of bypassing the heater core

Some Benefits to Bypassing the Heater Core

1. Quick Solution

Bypassing is a quicker solution than time-consuming repair or replacement of the heater core. If you need an instant solution due to a lack of sufficient time or funds, you can bypass the heater core.

2. Prevent Coolant Leakage

A bad heater core leaks coolant into the car’s cabin and causes wetness, odors, and potential damage. If you want to prevent these issues, bypass the heater core. This can help keep the inside dry and fresh avoiding distinctive smells.

Prevent Coolant Leakage

3. Saving Cost

If you are on a tight budget or don’t have sufficient funds, you can bypass the heater core. This will save your immediate cost of repairing or replacing.

4. Avoid Prolonged Downtime

It’s tiresome and time-consuming to repair or replace a heater core. You may need to leave the vehicle at an auto repair shop for a long time. But, you can continue driving the vehicle immediately after bypassing the heater core.

Can You Drive A Car with A Bad Heater Core?

Yes, you can drive your car with a bad heater core. It won’t make driving inconvenient. However, if you drive with a bad heater core, you can feel uncomfortable during colder days. A bad heater core means it won’t let enough coolant flow through, and won’t provide sufficient heat. So the windshield might not be clear.

Can You Drive A Car with A Bad Heater Core

If the heater core leaks coolant, it may wind up on the passenger side’s floor and soak the area. It can also cause the cooling system to malfunction and overheat the engine. In this case, you shouldn’t drive the car. Leaking coolant is also harmful to health. You can avoid these consequences by bypassing or blocking the coolant flow.

Is It Better To Replace Or Bypass A Damaged Heater Core?

Whether it’s better to bypass or replace the heater core depends on the individual’s preference. However, plenty of reasons influenced the decision. 

Is it Better To Replace Or Bypass A Damaged Heater Core

The Weather Conditions of The Area

In cold areas, you should replace the heater core instead of bypassing it. You don’t usually require a heater core in a hot area or summer season. But in colder areas or seasons, insufficient heat inside of the cabin can make you freeze. 


Bypassing a heater core is cheaper than replacing it. The cost of bypassing a heater is only around $110 to $250 including labor charges. But you may cost up to $1000 to replace the heater core. So if you live in a hot area, you can bypass the heater core and save some bucks.

But it’ll be better to spend thousands of dollars to replace the heater core to feel comfortable and avoid engine damage in colder regions.

Can you Bypass A Heater Core And Still Have Heat?

It depends on the way you bypass the heater core. If you want to keep the inside of the car warm even after bypassing the heater core, you have to bypass it using a short length of ½” copper pipe and two hose clamps. 

Doing so won’t give you heat or defrost in fall and spring. But in summer, you’ll have sufficient heat.


Can You Drive Your Car Without A Heater Core?

You can drive the vehicle without a heater core until you become tired of freezing or cleaning the condensation off the windows. However, in the summer season or hot climate areas, you won’t feel any inconvenience while driving without a heater core.

Will I lose AC if I Bypass The Heater Core?

The bypassing heater core won’t affect the car AC. The reason is that it uses refrigerant to remove heat while the heater core uses coolant. The air conditioning also has a valve that prevents the flow from going into the core when not in use.

How Long Can I Drive With A Bad Heater Core?

If your car’s heater core gets damaged, turn it off to close the valve and prevent hot water from reaching the heater core. Then you can continue driving. But if your car’s heater core is leaking and you can’t turn it off, stop driving.

Final Words

The side effects of bypassing heater core range from uncomfortable driving to reduced engine performance. You should repair or replace the heater core once you find it malfunctioning or damaged.

Good maintenance price will keep your car in optimum condition and provide you comfort tour. But if you are in a hurry, bypass the heater core and visit the mechanic shop when you are free.

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