What does Dumping the Clutch Mean?

what is dumping the clutch

Dumping the clutch is a common word among manual transmission car owners and in car racing, particularly drag racing. As an automatic transmission car owner, you may be wondering what does dumping the clutch mean? Dumping the clutch is an advanced technique that the driver applies to achieve the fastest possible acceleration from a standing start. However, it can cause … Continue Reading

How Long Do Chevy Cruze Last?

How Long Do Chevy Cruze Last

Buying a discontinued car like the chevy cruze is a tough task due to the concern about its longevity. So, knowing how long do chevy cruze last can help decide if it’s worth or not. On average Chevy Cruze last 175,000 to 250,000 miles which varies depending on the model year and the way the owner uses and cares. The … Continue Reading

How to Reset Service StabiliTrak Light?

How to Reset Service StabiliTrak Light

The StabiliTrak system is a standard feature of most modern vehicles including GMC and Chevy that ensure better control of the vehicle in various terrains. However, it can trigger the service stabilitrak light due to software issues or during driving at high speed which you can be turned off by resetting. So, how to reset service StabiliTrak light? Turn off … Continue Reading

VW EPC Light Car Shaking (Fixed)

VW EPC light car shaking

Volkswagen has sophisticated suspension systems and NVH technology to reduce vibration and make the ride safe and comfortable. Even after that, the VW car may start shaking badly during driving, accelerating, or when parked and the EPC light may come on at a time.  If you are experiencing the “VW EPC light car shaking” issue, there’s something wrong with the … Continue Reading

What Year Silverado Wheels are Interchangeable

What Year Silverado Wheels are Interchangeable

Looking for a cost-efficient and mostly available replacement for your damaged Silverado wheels, but concerned about the compatibility? Want to know what year Silverado wheels are interchangeable so you can ensure accurate fit and enjoy optimum performance and aesthetics? The interchangeability of Silverado wheels depends on bolt pattern, rim size, and tire. So you can interchange your Silverado wheel with … Continue Reading

Honda Civic Brake System Problem Message

Honda Civic Brake System Problem

The electronic parking brake (EPB) technology of the Honda Civic makes its brake system reliable for smooth and safe riding and parking. Still, many Honda Civic user experiences various problems with the brake system that turns on the warning light and prevent the car from staring. Honda Civic brake system problems can occur due to a stuck electronic parking brake, … Continue Reading

Chevy 2.7 Turbo Engine Problems

Chevy 2.7 Turbo Engine Problems

General Motors’ 2.7L 4-cylinder turbo engine is top of the trend and replaced the V8 engine, thanks to its compact yet powerful design. However, this turbocharged gasoline engine isn’t beyond the problem that needs attention. Some common Chevy 2.7 turbo engine problems are reduced fuel economy, low horsepower, availability issues, and some mechanical problems. However, the owner can easily avoid … Continue Reading

Key System Error Nissan Altima 2019

Key System Error Nissan Altima 2019

Noticing key system error message on Nissan Altima 2019’s display is a concerning issue as it can prevent the car from recognizing the key fob, and disturb the car’s performance. It can also prevent the car from starting the engine. The display message key system error Nissan Altima 2019 may occur due to a dead battery, faulty intelligent power distribution … Continue Reading