Why is Pink Fluid Leaking from Car?

Pink fluid usually uses in the car’s gearbox, power steering system, and cooling system. So if you notice pink fluid leaking from car, start the diagnosing process by checking those systems.

Your car can leak pink fluid from those components due to plenty of reasons including ages, faulty parts, accidents, or overfilling. Pink fluid leaking is a serious concern and is pricy to fix if left untreated for a long time.

Pink Fluid Leaking from the Car

Noticing fluid leaking from the vehicle is a bad sign which makes the owner panic. You may notice different color fluid leaks from the car including red, pink, yellow, or even water. If it is pink fluid, you must determine the type of fluid before looking for the potential source.

Determining the Fluid Type

If you notice pink fluid leaking from your car, it’s most possibly the ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). Antifreeze also becomes pink. There is also a pink windshield used in the car. Some other colors fluids are:

  • Brake fluid: yellow
  • Engine oil: black
  • Manual transmission oil: yellow
  • Rear axle oil: yellow
Determining the Fluid Type

To determine the fluid type, first, wipe it with a tissue. Doing so will make the color more apparent. Then rub the fluid between your fingers. If it feels oily, it is an automatic transmission fluid. Though transmission fluid is typically red, it can turn into pink particularly if lots of water gets into the transmission.

It can make the fluid look like a pink milkshake.  If it isn’t oily, it’s antifreeze or coolant. Coolant almost feels like water, while ATF is thicker and more feels like olive oil.

Finding the Sources

Automatic transmission fluid mostly leaks from the gearbox. If your car has a hydraulic power steering system, automatic transmission fluid also use in this application. Pink antifreeze leaks from the cooling system.

To find out the exact root, park the car in a clean spot when its engine is completely cool. Wait for around 8 hours and then check under the vehicle for more puddles. If your notice the puddles leaking from the front of the engine and close to the bumper, it can be the result of a leak in the transmission cooler line. If it comes out from a little further back, it can be the result of a faulty power steering system.

However pink coolant can leak from the coolant reservoir or the hoses. You should also check the car’s front suspension wishbone bushes that are placed near the front bumper. If the leak is small, it can be challenging to find out its root. In this case, you can use a flashlight at night as the reflection of the leaking fluid will make it more obvious.

Potential Consequences of Pink Fluid Leaking from the Car

Pink fluid leaks can cause lots of negative consequences including reduced engine efficiency and safety problems. Below are the side effects that the pink fluid leaking can trigger:

Potential Consequences of Pink Fluid Leaking from the Car

Poor Engine Performance

Pink fluid leaking can cause poor lubrication in the car’s engine. It can increase friction between the engine’s moving components and result in greater fuel consumption and reduced engine performance.

Poor Engine Performance

Damage Components

If the pink fluid leak from the transmission system, brakes, or cooling system, it can cause sliding gears, jerky shifting, and transmission problems. It can also reduce the brake system’s efficiency and make driving risky.

Damage Components pink fluid leak

Safety Hazards

Since the pink fluid can be oily, leaking in the fluid can make the road surface slick and endanger the driver and other users of the road. It can limit the tire’s grip and makes it harder for the driver to maintain control, particularly after applying the brake. This can increase the risk of severe accidents, particularly on rainy or snowy days.

Safety Hazards

Environmental Impact

Pink fluid is poisonous and harmful to the environment. The unsafe compounds of pink fluid can pollute water supplies and soil if reach the drain or slip into the ground. It can harm plants, ecosystems, and aquatic animals.

Expensive Repair Costs

If you ignore the pink fluid leak for a long time, it can damage the more expensive parts, even the entire engine. On average, the pink fluid repairing cost is around $1000. However, you can keep the repair cost lower if attempt to handle it earlier.

Expensive Repair Costs

What to do After Noticing Pink Fluid Leaking from the Car?

If you can detect the leak area, place some rags around it to absorb the fluid. It’ll also prevent fluid from spilling on the road and makes the leakage less dangerous.

What to do After Noticing Pink Fluid Leaking from the Car

You can also use engine coolant to seal the small leak. It’s a quick solution particularly if you can’t repair the fluid leaking area immediately. Another alternative is silicone sealant that you can use to seal the cars outside leak. Though it’s a bit trickier to apply silicone sealant, these are more effective than engine coolant.

Lastly, bring your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop and let it troubleshoot by a qualified mechanic. They’ll deeply diagnose your vehicle considering every potential reason even using the scanner tool.


Why is my Car leaking pink fluid and smoking?

Your car can leak pink fluid due to leakage in the transmission system cooling system. If you ignore the leak, it can make the engine overheat due to a lack of lubrication. Hence you can notice smoke coming from under the hood.

Why is pink fluid leaking from a car after an accident?

If you have had an accident recently and leaking pink fluid, it can be the result of the impact of the accident. Possibly the coolant reservoir or the radiator gets damaged due to the accident and causing this problem.

Can you drive with a transmission fluid leak?

No, it isn’t safe to drive with a transmission fluid leak. Otherwise, your car’s transmission can fail and make the car unreliable as you won’t get complete control while driving.

Final Words

If you notice pink fluid leaking from the car, detect the leak by following the puddle up through the car. Mostly it should be the transmission system, power steering reservoir, or coolant tank. Overflow coolant tank may also be the source of this problem instead of leaking.

So instead of being panicked, check for the potential leak or call for a mechanic to diagnose. Though it’s a bit pricy to fix the pink fluid leak, it’s a common problem. 

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